Our values. What we believe in

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Xero is, and has always been a values-driven business. Our values are what create our special culture - they’re part of our DNA. As a rapidly scaling global business, they are personal, a moral compass and what we base our decisions off now and into the future. The Xero Way includes five key values:

Xeros are authentic, inclusive and really care. 
We are kind and assume best intent. Inclusive, approachable and show empathy. Willing to be vulnerable, share  fears, failures and learnings.

Xeros dream big, lead and embrace change.
We are curious and think big. Welcome challenging conversations and do it with respect. Lead and embrace change, seeking new and better ways.

Xeros are great team players.
We champion Xero’s purpose and priorities. Work together to do what’s best for Xero and our customers. Appreciate and celebrate each other and success.

Xeros deliver on our commitments.
We do what we say we will do. Own our mistakes and take positive action. Move fast to get the right things done.

Xeros create experiences that people love.
We create experiences that inspire and delight. Do high quality work. Go the extra mile.


Proud to be a champion

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