Trainee FAQs

When do your trainee programmes start?

We currently have two trainee intakes each year, in January and late August/early September.

We are considering introducing a third trainee intake, which would start in March – watch this space!

When do applications for the trainee programmes open and close?

There are no specific deadlines and trainee recruitment is an on-going process. As a general rule though, we advertise trainee vacancies roughly a year in advance, so do keep an eye on our vacancies page and apply as early as possible to give you the best chance of securing a trainee position with us.

What are the minimum entry requirements?

Please note that if you did not meet the minimum requirements, and feel this was because of extenuating circumstances, you should contact to discuss your situation with a member of our Talent Acquisition team.

College Leaver

  • Minimum 2 x A levels (A-C) and one other A level or equivalent
  • 5 GCSEs grades A*- C or 9-4 (Maths and English Language preferred) or equivalent.


  • Minimum of a 2:2 undergraduate degree in either a Business, Finance, Scientific, Law, Engineering or Mathematics discipline. 
  • 2 x A levels (A-C) and one other A level or equivalent
  • 5 GCSEs grades A*- C or 9-4 (Maths and English Language preferred) or equivalent.

How do i apply?

You can apply online through our careers page, where you will find a list of our live vacancies.

What is the interview process?

Once you have submitted your application, our Talent Acquisition team will review your application.

If you are successful at the initial review stage you will be invited to take part in the interview process, which is  made up of the following three stages:

  • Online numerical and verbal reasoning tests 
  • HR video/telephone interview
  • Final stage interview

You will need to be successful at each of these stages before moving onto the next.

Can I apply if I’m already on a training contract with another firm?

Yes. If you are part-way through a training contract with another Firm, we will need to know how far along you are. This will help us determine the best role and contract type for you. When applying for a role, please detail your level of experience – both in work experience and your professional qualification.

Can International students apply?

Menzies is on the register of licensed sponsors. Unfortunately, our trainee positions do not fulfil the visa criteria. Therefore, we are not able to progress applicants for this role who do not have the right to work in the UK.

I require adjustments during the recruitment process, how do I communicate this?

We are committed to providing an inclusive recruitment process and encourage anyone who needs reasonable adjustments to reach out to our Talent Acquisition team, via, to discuss.

What is the firm’s dress code?

We recognise that being yourself at work can have a major impact on your feelings of wellbeing and productivity.  Our  approach  to  office  dress  code  is  commonly  known  as  ‘Dress  for  your  Day’  and  is applicable for the whole business year.

This means that if you have formal meeting with clients, either onsite or offsite, you will  be  expected  to  attend  in  normal  business  dress.  On  occasions  when  you  have  only  internal meetings, or an office-based day, you may dress down appropriately, if you wish. Please bear in mind that whilst you may not have client meetings yourself, you may still encounter clients visiting our offices.

What is the firm’s approach to flexible/agile working?

Being yourself at work means being productive and at the top of your game, and this can sometimes be compromised by the pressures of daily life both at home and at work.  Our Agile Working Policy aims to help employees to find a way to do their job in the most effective way  whilst  being  able  to  manage  other  commitments,  and  general  well-being, alongside work.

Menzies’ Flexi-Time Policy

The Flexi-time policy in Menzies’ contracts already bestows some of the benefits of agile working in that employees can flex their start and finish times around the core office hours of 10:00-16:30.

Menzies’ Agile Working Policy

Agile working  is  the  term  used  to describe  how  employees  can  work  from  any  location, whether  it  is  from  a  different  office, at  other  premises,  from  home  or  any  combination  of these.

The Firm promotes agile working for employees in all jobs and at all grades provided that such an arrangement is suitable for all parties and is likely to facilitate effective and efficient working. We know from experience that Trainees benefit from more face-to-face contact with their colleagues, especially within their first year, and such there is an expectation that Trainees will be in the office for the majority of the working week.

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