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What's it like to work at Lloyds Banking Group?

At Lloyds Banking Group we pride ourselves on creating a great environment for colleagues to work in, one which is inclusive and driven by our values. This is critical to our business success as we know that colleagues who can show up to work as themselves are those that bring their best.

We have an inclusive and open organisation with a scale that creates a vast range of roles and opportunities. We offer a wealth of options for continual personal growth in an organisation that embraces diversity of talent, creativity, skills and thinking amongst our teams. 

Sustainability at Lloyds Banking Group

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing society today. We’re committed to making our businesses more sustainable – and that starts with our people.

Find out more about the role our colleagues play in driving the Group to become a leader in the UK transition to a more sustainable, low carbon economy.

Learning and development

At Lloyds Banking Group, learning is integrated in all we do. There are opportunities to train, develop and enhance your skills from the moment you join us through our onboarding portal, to every step you take in your career with us.

We encourage learning in the flow of work; whether that be on the job, formally on training programmes, or more informally.

Inclusion and diversity

We pride ourselves in having an inclusive and open environment where diversity is celebrated.

Our colleagues inspire us in different ways: whether through their achievements, experiences, attitudes and unique perspectives, or through their ability to overcome challenges.

Building a values-led culture

Our values are the foundations of our culture; our guiding light and our moral compass.

They ensure we understand what is expected of ourselves, and each other every day.

Charities and Foundations

Our four independent charitable Foundations, which cover the whole of the UK and the Channel Islands, are critical to our vision of tackling social disadvantage. They partner with local charities to help overcome complex social issues and rebuild lives.

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