What our people say about ACCA

iqeq aNDREW

Andrew Elder
Client Services Director, Guernsey
FCCA member

I chose ACCA as it’s an internationally recognised professional
qualification, sought after by employers and therefore offering enhanced
career prospects.

“The syllabus covers much more than just accounting, giving a solid
grounding in all areas of business management. Not only does this support
career development, but the skills learned are transferable across a
multitude of industries and sectors, offering maximum flexibility in career

iqeq irene

Irene Gomez
Client Services Assistant Accountant, UK
ACCA student

I have a few exams to go but I’ve completed my practical experience. ACCA
is definitely a challenging journey especially whilst working full-time but it
is rewarding when you see great results.

“The ACCA qualification has taught me essential financial and
management accounting techniques that go hand in hand with work in
the financial and business industry.”

Best advice I can give for this qualification is to practice questions and
never give up even when things get tough. I feel that the support from
your organisation is crucial because it is difficult to do alone. I look
forward to my journey ahead with IQ-EQ and ACCA.

iqeq russel

Russel Green
Client Services Senior Accountant, UK
ACCA student

I joined ACCA as a part-qualified accountant in March 2019 and will be
sitting my final exam this September and my aim is to be fully qualified by
the end of this year.

“There are many alternatives out there if you are looking for a
professional accounting qualification but I found ACCA to be my
preferred preference.”

The support I have received from IQ-EQ along the way has been brilliant
and has made a huge difference. They have supported me so I can focus
on my exams and given me access to courses, which has really helped me
achieve the results I have gained so far.

iqeq Daniel

Daniel Horscroft
Client Services Senior Accountant, UK
ACCA qualified

IQ-EQ were extremely supportive of my studies. My priority was to qualify
right from the outset. They gave me amazing support, funding my exams
and studies at college, time off to attend classes, revise for my exams, not
to mention the experienced advice when needed.

“Since qualified I have also been promoted and I’m already looking at
further progression options within IQ-EQ.”

iqeq emily

Emily Newman
Trainee Accountant, Jersey
ACCA student

Thanks to the excellent training and support of my team members, I have
already gained a good level of experience and knowledge and have my
own portfolio of clients.

“I wanted to wait six months to gain work experience before studying
ACCA. This has really helped me with my studies and confidence and I
would recommend this approach.”

I also researched and spoke to as many people as possible to understand
the commitment I needed to make.

iqeq georgie

Georgie Rigden
Assistant Client Manager, Guernsey
ACCA qualified

IQ-EQ have a flexible and very supportive culture when it comes to
training and studying. The company also provides a great learning
environment because of its wide variety of clients, which helps trainees to
develop knowledge in many areas.

“I would recommend the ACCA qualification to anyone who doesn’t mind
putting in some hard work for a good reward.”

If you are considering starting the qualification I would suggest talking to
someone in your team who is ACCA qualified to gain an understanding of
what is involved and how they can support you.

iqeq chris

Chris Ryan
Associate Director, Regulatory Reporting,
Jersey, FCCA member

IQ-EQ have joined an elite group of employers as we’ve recently been
awarded the Platinum level of trainee development approval. This will
provide IQ-EQ with the opportunity to maintain the highest levels of
trainee exam support and work-based development.

“Attaining the Platinum status is an accomplishment and shows our
successful journey with ACCA during the past 10 years and recognises our
commitment to high standards of employee training and development.”

iqeq Megan

Megan Tate
Client Services Assistant Accountant,
Belfast, ACCA student

I joined IQ-EQ in the Summer of 2018 and started my ACCA journey
shortly afterwards. I graduated University with a degree in Accountancy
with Finance which gave me a head-start in the ACCA qualification, by way
of exemptions from the first few exams.

“It was important to me to pursue a qualification that valued the hard
work I had put in throughout my degree and used that prior knowledge
to build on and develop new skills that I could bring into the workplace.
Studying with ACCA has certainly met that goal and more.”

I’ve been able to explore areas of accountancy and finance from a
practical, real-life perspective rather than from a solely academic
Current events have highlighted just how important it is to have access to
study material remotely and the opportunity to study flexibly at your own
pace and convenience. Despite the pandemic I have been able to continue
my studies and haven’t had to put the completion of my qualification on