Malin Hallgren on being innovative

intertrust malin

Innovators are challenging standards and I like to challenge my standards, every day. Innovation is about translating ideas into reality; any ideas to perform better or develop our services are very welcome and encourages in my team.


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The start of a new role

I started at Intertrust in January of 2019 (2 days before defending my masters thesis!), so this was a very hectic time for me. I had come from a student position in a Startup Studio in Copenhagen – a place where a core team of experts work simultaneously on different tech startups. So I essentially had no background or experience in Private Equity fund administration. However, my colleagues made me feel very welcome and helped me to a point where only a short time after starting, I was handling my own funds clients and providing a assistance with our other clients.

Having supportive colleagues

I have really appreciated the patience and support of my colleagues in guiding me through the fundamentals of Private Equity administration – allowing me to develop my own skills and work far more independently. It was also the first ever job I have had where the office language is in Danish (I have lived in Denmark for 4,5 years – coming from Sydney, Australia) – so that was stressful in the beginning, but luckily I have very understanding colleagues, and now my professional level of Danish has greatly improved.

Feeling trusted

Within the first 6 months at Intertrust I was given my own funds clients, where I became the key point of contact. This was a huge responsibility for me and I appreciated the trust put in me to carry out the tasks necessary for that role. And, during my first year I've had the opportunity to travel to Sweden for a conference which was a great way to meet other colleagues working with similar clients and tasks as well as network.

A great place to work

I really enjoy the flexibility of working hours, as I have children that need to be picked up from school - it really helps manage work/ life balance. I love the flat hierarchical nature of the Nordic workplace – I am able to work on issues and collaborate with my superiors in a relaxed atmosphere where I can be myself and communicate freely. I feel like my opinion can really be heard, if I have an issue or suggestion.

I also like the hectic nature of private equity fund administration, where anything can pop up at any time of the day, which could be new problems needing unique solutions. It keeps things interesting all the time.