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The difference is leadership…whether it is managing a client relationship or taking a phone message, we strive to show leadership in everything we do. 

Training and Development

Assisting employees in realizing their full potential is part of the Firm’s Core Values. We are recognized by our employees and in the business community, as a learning leader that encourages, supports and rewards employees for their contribution to the learning of others.

In support of these objectives, we are committed to providing learning opportunities through formal training, professional development programs, online learning resources, and challenging work assignments. We strongly encourage our employees to achieve their professional designation or continue education in their field of expertise. We want our employees to progress as professionals and we support them every step of the way. We financially reimburse employees for successful completion of approved courses and exams.

Open Door Policy

We believe that open communication is crucial to a great corporate culture. Taylor Leibow is proud to have some of the best professionals in the industry. Partners, Directors and Managers play an integral role in the development of our staff and are always available to answer any questions that you might have, whether you are a co-op student or senior employee.

Promotion from Within

As a training firm we invest in our employees and their future with the organization. Everyone at Taylor Leibow has an equal opportunity to succeed and how quickly you are able to advance is dependent on your ability to learn and apply these skills.

Professional Work Environment

Taylor Leibow’s Core Values are embedded into the culture of our firm. This has created a work environment of integrity, trust, honesty, and mutual respect. You will develop strong working relationships with your colleagues where you will work as a team and support one another.

Taylor Leibow also has wonderful facilities that are used for a variety of functions. We house several state of the art board rooms and even a 1950’s inspired diner/lunch room where Taylor Leibow employees gather and social celebrations take place.

Work-Life Balance

We understand that your position within the firm is not likely your only role in life. As a Taylor Leibow employee you will have a great deal of opportunity to focus on other parts of your life. We have created a flex time policy to support employees in maintaining work-life balance and managing their personal schedules.

In any accounting firm you will experience extended hours in tax season, at Taylor Leibow we ensure that the increased workload is realistic and not overwhelming. Also, Taylor Leibow is flexible in how you work these extra hours. In the summer when the workload is much lighter, Assurance and Tax employees experience a reduced schedule. Full-time employees also receive a minimum three weeks paid vacation per year and the office is generally closed between Christmas and New Year’s allowing for an extended holiday.

Community Involvement

In 2010, Taylor Leibow established a formal Community Involvement Committee (The CIC) to encourage participation in our community. The committee is composed of staff members who investigate and coordinate opportunities for employees of the Firm to give back to the local community through volunteerism.

Past events include:

  • Sorting and packaging food and hygiene items for Essential Aid
  • Gift wrapping for City Kidz
  • Annual tax clinics to assist low income families in filing their personal taxes

Taylor Leibow also holds monthly Denim Days to raise funds for a new charity each month. Most charities supported are local to the Hamilton community.

Active Social Scene

Taylor Leibow has an active social committee that organizes a number of events throughout the year. These events include a summer social gathering (golfing, Niagara River Jet Boating), Movie Days, an End of Tax Season Party, a Fall Family Event, and an Annual Holiday Party. 

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