Studio Vignoli

ITALY: Florence

Studio Vignoli

For over twenty years the firm has put its skills at the service of businesses, following them over the course of their daily activity, as well as during times of growth, internationalisation and company reorganisation. Support during business crisis resolution, company restructuring and liquidation are also amongst the specific competencies of the firm.

The wide range of services offered reflects the skills of the team who form Studio Vignoli. Over the years, the firm has been strengthened and enriched by professionals and collaborators with the aim of fostering the constant will to provide a service of unquestionable quality and complete coverage and satisfaction of client needs.

The organisation’s team share values and objectives, combining the use of an indepth code of practice and good ethics whilst conducting their respective tasks, paying great attention to proactively look after our clients’ interests.

Over the last ten years the firm’s international vocation has been emphasised, preempting the needs of a clientele continually grappling with opportunities, threats and constraints subsequent to aspects of international taxation, establishment and growth in foreign markets, or for foreign businesses, positioning in the national market.

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