Accounting Specialist / Finance Analyst

Makati City, Manila
Not Disclosed
08 Jul 2021
08 Aug 2021
Job role
Contract type
Full time

In all phases of an engagement, the Accounting Specialist/ Finance Analyst is responsible for conducting the work in accordance with the quality standards of the Company and of the profession.
A. Engagement Management
1. Understand the client’s business and industry sufficiently to perform and manage the job.
2. Know accounting principles and standards and taxation and relevant laws sufficiently to perform the job.
3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of client’s accounting policies.
4. Demonstrate mastery and make effective use of job-related tools (e.g. Oracle, MS Office, QuickBooks, clients’ systems, etc. whichever is applicable)
5. Perform duties and responsibilities assigned / given by the client
6. Update authorized officers of the client of work progress; give feedback on work performed, difficulties encountered, and issues identified.
7. Provide the secondment manager-in-charge confirmation of tasks assigned.
8. Deal with relationship partners such as clients’ suppliers/ clients, government agencies/ offices as necessary.
9. Communicate on a timely basis fieldwork-related issues, problems and difficulties and suggests possible courses of actions.
10. Validate engagement findings with the client.
11. Produce deliverables that are 100% correct at all times.
12. Prepare and maintain calendar of deliverables and make sure that deadlines and agreed turn-around times are met.
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13. Ensure that the deliverables are sent to the authorized recipients and right addresses and appropriately marked for confidentiality where necessary.
14. Assume new or different work assignments and schedules willingly. Modify work methods to meet changing needs of the team or client, without compromising ethical standards.
15. Show openness and objectivity in weighing conflicting opinions and approaches. Discuss matters willingly with teammates and superiors.
16. Seek and recommend efficient and effective ways to accomplish objectives better.
17. Show receptiveness to new ideas. Perform new and different approaches with a positive attitude and commitment to success.
18. Perform any task or assignment that may, from time to time, be delegated by a superior.
B. Relationship Management
1. Promote the image of the Company as a provider of high-quality services through good customer relations and responsiveness to clients’ needs, concerns, and requests.
2. Regularly communicate with the client with regards to work progress, issues etc. in coordination with immediate supervisor.
3. Listen objectively and show understanding of clients’ concerns. Recommend solutions without sacrificing professional objectivity or independence.
4. Work harmoniously and effectively with other members of the team.
5. Actively participate in official company activities such as staff meetings, quarterly socials, outings, among others.
6. Maintain a “can-do” and positive attitude at all times in accepting assignments and working with any other P&A Grant Thornton personnel.
C. Professional Development
1. Attend on-the-job trainings or internal/external seminars for professional development.
2. Request from the Staff Augmentation Head/ Manager Performance Appraisal Reports (PARs) for each engagement.
3. Reach out to mentors and attend mentoring and coaching activities.
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4. Administrative Functions
1. Comply with P&A administrative processes, policies and procedures, including staff augmentation rules and guidelines.
2. Complete and submit accurate time reports, reimbursement and liquidation in a timely manner.
3. Attend to team meetings and huddles.
4. Always ensure confidentiality of engagement. The staff should not disclose or make use of any information that he/she may acquire during the course of the engagement other than to properly perform his/her work in connection therewith
• Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy
• Certified Public Accountant (Accounting Specialist) / non-CPA (Finance Analyst)
• New graduates are welcome to apply
• Well-developed communication skills (oral and written)
• With good interpersonal skills and positive work attitude.