Tax and Revenue Auditor 1

Washington State Patrol
West Virginia, United States
USD 16.07 - 25.75 per hour
29 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020
Job role
Audit, Tax
Experience level
Qualified accountant
Nature of Work NOTE: A special hiring rate of $33,957.00/yearhas been established. 3% increase after 1 year of service OPEN UNTIL FILLED: This position may close at any time as hiring needs dictate. Department of Revenue / State Tax Department / Auditing Division, Statewide - Under direct supervision, in a training capacity, learns to conduct field tax audits involving on-site examination of the accounting systems, accounts, journals, invoices, inventories, and budget and financial records of individuals, businesses, corporations, and other entities to determine the proper reporting and payment of taxes and compliance with federal, state, and local rules and regulations. Will learn to conduct desk audits from information and records supplied by taxpayers through electronic means such as compact disks, flash drives, etc. Examinations of records include a review for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with statutory rules, the lawful completion of returns and reporting. Will acquire an in-depth knowledge of state and federal tax laws and regulations and the ability to use independent judgment to apply that to materials under review. Interact with taxpayers or their representatives by written and oral communication, email, fax, phone, and other methods. Utilize the department's integrated tax system (GenTax) to generate audit working papers and documentation necessary to complete the audit process. May review and test GenTax as needed for functionality within the system and report problems or issues with the system. Required to follow confidentiality rules in regards to taxpayer information. May represent the state as a witness in hearings. Contact with attorneys, accountants, and business and government officials is extensive. Performs related work as required. May require frequent travel for audits conducted in the field. A valid driver's license is required. Chosen applicant must have high speed internet in their home . Applicants are subject to an extensive criminal background check and tax compliance check. Preference will be given to applicants who reside in, or are willing to relocate to, major metropolitan areas with high business entity populations. NOTE: The probationary period for this titleis twelve months, after which theincumbent gains permanent status but maycontinue towork at the Tax and Revenue Auditor 1 level. Click The APPLY Link To Apply Online . Do not use a paper application unless you cannot apply online. If you must use a paper application due to disability or other valid reason, please call our office 304-558-3950 ext. 1 (8:30 AM - 4:30 PM) for special instructions. IMPORTANT: Your eligible score will be based on information provided in your application; therefore, make sure your application is detailed and complete. You may attach a resume and other documents; however, you should NEVER enter "See Resume" on the application. You MUST complete ALL parts of the application, including the Work Experience section. This announcement is for one or more specific vacancies and only applies to the location(s) indicated. Application for this job does not automatically qualify you for other positions. Be sure to submit your application for each position of interest. To receive an email notice anytime jobs in this or other categories are posted, you may choose to complete a Job Interest Card from the slide-out menu located at the top left of our Job Opportunities page. As a condition of employment, an inquiry into job-related information will be completed which may include, but not limited to, criminal records, abuse registry records, driving records, employment history, and education and training. Failing to cooperate with this process, providing false and incomplete information, or discovery of disqualifying information will result in denial of or dismissal from employment or denial of transfer irrespective of when discovered. Examples of Work Determines the proper reporting procedures and payment of taxes by examining the accounting systems, accounts, journals, payroll records, invoices, inventories and budget and financial records of small and medium size entities. Reviews previous audits and discusses current audit goals and objectives by scheduling assignments and setting up pre-audit interviews with the taxpayer, taxpayer's representative, or government official. Establishes appropriate tax rate by calculating tax liabilities, credits and/or assessments. Discusses adjustments, corrections, and issues involved during the audit by participating in post-audit conferences with the taxpayer or government official. Maintains accurate resource information for audit summarization upon completion of the audit, including cooperation received, state of accounts and records, working conditions, type of business and any objections voiced by the taxpayer or government official; may utilize a laptop computer to enter data and prepare reports. Keeps informed of court decisions that may affect tax laws, rules and regulations. Attends applicable training provided by the agency. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledge of the principles and practices of accounting and bookkeeping. Knowledge of applicable federal, state and local tax laws, rules and regulations. Skill in the presentation of factual material, both written and orally. Ability to analyze and interpret accounting data and reports of limited complexity to determine compliance with federal, state and local tax laws. Ability to prepare clear and accurate reports describing auditing activities and findings. Ability to work effectively with taxpayers, government officials and the general public. Ability to make mathematic calculations rapidly and accurately, either manually or by electronic device. Ability to learn to use a computer and computer programs. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Minimum Qualifications Training: Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a major in accounting, auditing, business administration, economics, finance, financial management or a closely related field, which must have included twelve (12) semester hours of accounting. Special Requirement: A valid driver's license and the availability of an automobile is required. Possession of a working home telephone (either land line or cell phone) and the availability of high speed internet access of at least four (4) to six (6) megabit speed is also required. NOTICE: If you are claiming college or other post-high school education or license, you MUST attach or provide by mail a legible copy of your OFFICIAL education transcript, license or training record. YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR EMPLOYMENT UNTIL THIS VERIFICATION HAS BEEN RECEIVED. To avoid missing a job opportunity, it is important that you provide this verification as soon as possible. You only have to provide this verification one time. It is not required with every application. Attach documents to the online application, or via email to: , FAX: 304-957-0396, or mail to: Division of Personnel, Building 3, Suite 500, 1900KanawhaBlvd. E., Charleston, WV 25305.