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Dubai, UAE
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05 Nov 2020
05 Dec 2020
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Qualified accountant, Manager

Brief about N. R. Doshi & Partners:

N. R. Doshi & Partners is a renowned public accounting firm and affiliated with DFK International, London Member Firm. A professional organization of more than 35 years of value provided to our clients by bringing updated industry and organisational experience and skills.

Headquartered in Dubai, N. R. Doshi & Partner has 7 offices in the UAE, with more than 77 professionals. The firm consistently ranked among the top firms in the UAE and continues to have a dominates presence in the industry, driven by results and built of trust.

N. R. Doshi offers a plethora of services such as financial audit, strategy planning, system design, business planning, international tax, company incorporation and other outsourcing services.

Main duties:

As an examiner of the financial records prepared by an organization, the main objective of an external audit is to verify that the company’s accounting records provide an impartial and accurate picture of the organization’s finances and that the statements are prepared in accordance with the established legislation and accounting standards. The auditor will also suggest how add value by identifying the areas where business efficiency can be improved and where controls and processes may be made more effective.

Typically, they will report to Audit Partner or Audit Manager, consisting of senior management and provide recommendations for improvement.
As an auditor can also extend activities beyond financial audits - external auditors also provide assurance in other areas of the business or help companies address specific issues in areas such as health and safety, IT and social responsibility.

Key Responsibilities:

Main responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning and implementing audit procedures attending meetings and interviewing staff to gather evidence examining accounts and financial records and other relevant documentation analyzing and assessing financial reporting, fraud or operational business risks preparing a final audit report, including making recommendations for improvements to systems or processes discussing the conclusion and recommendations from the audit with clients.


External auditors will need both strong analytical and interpersonal skills as well as sound judgement and commercial awareness. Excellent project management skills are also essential in order to plan and carry out audit activities and to meet deadlines.

Job Description:


  • Act diligently, objectively and with Integrity & professional competence, uploading codes of ethics, considering the law and keeping up to date with legislation and confidentiality.
  • Display commitment to work on organisational goals for team, cooperate with others and support them. Allocate resources like teams to execute on negotiated timelines for goals. Inspire other to help them grow participate actively.

Audit and Assurance

  • Manage accounting transactions, examination and planning, financial statements, monthly, quarterly and annual closures and budget projection.
  • Report on financial health and liquidity of the Comply and on compliance with financial policies and regulations.
  • Ensure and Improve security of financial data and where possible, backup the database. • Review clients' accounting procedures and pre-audit planning for Audit engagements.
  • Prepare financial statement reports and conduct audit tests.
  • Review audit documentation and prepare documentation to support audit jobs. Ensure overall audit assignment operational efficiency from starting till end.
  • Frequent review of self-work and the work of the colleagues to ensure that it is consistent with the governance, policy and control standards of the organization.
  • Ensuring primary financial statements as per accounting standards and legislation (IFRS, ISAs and local regulatory requirements).
  • Prepare or review narrative and quantitative information to include with financial statements. Assessment of a financial results based on disclosure notes and financial statements.
  • Review facts, demonstrate professional skepticism, examine areas of issues, and maintain full documentation and highlight all significant issues.
  • Review audit performance; ensure the evidence is reliable, complete and appropriate.
  • Contribute to detecting and addressing audit or assurance problem and ensure that pending questions are not presented. Bring up with management and compliance team the results and consequences of an audit or assurance engagement.
  • Draft written representations and report significant control deficiencies to management and governance teams. Prepare audit reports according to applicable guidelines, laws and legislation.
  • Classify and use relevant financial and non-financial details to develop a thorough understanding of business of a client and its business outlook. Classify ways for clients to use business alliances to make better connections and build relationship that are effective, based on best practice and added value.
  • Determine the strengths of the consultative partnership to establish strategies for research, initiating and encouraging meaningful reform to achieve those objectives.
  • Prepare and present proposal in a comprehensible allows the client to assess and act on the business advice. Recommend on the necessary step to allow the solutions chosen to be implemented.
  • Classify and use all applicable financial and non-financial data to provide insights to address critical business questions and to provide the organization with the solutions.
  • Process, interpret and analyze data using appropriate analytical methods. These resources may include applications for spreadsheet, or more apps for advanced statistics analysis.
  • Using modelling techniques to provide various forms of analysis that may include scenario analysis, forecasting, issue with optimization, or cost-benefit analysis.
  • Use ethically and responsibly data and resulting knowledge, evaluate and interpret data in critical manner to draw reasonable conclusions and make recommendations to support successful decision-making.

Self-Branding and Enhancement:

  • Collaborating with team members, work closely with managers and Keeping self-updated.
  • Enhance a dedication to knowledge and advancement, both personal and technical. Attitude of lifelong learner and continuous improver, seeking input and focusing on your performance and abilities.
  • Act professionally and efficiently by listening and communicating with opposing priorities, perceptions or viewpoints, both internally and externally.
  • Pressure sustainability, managing time and responsibility effectively to fulfill organization requirement and professional obligations.
  • Developing team members by giving the subordinate specific and on the job training.
  • Coaching audit team to upgrade their knowledge and take a leadership role in professional, business or community organizations
  • Lead as Team Head with strong interpersonal, communication and project management skills.
  • Be seen as a role model for auditing professionals. Always present self in front of client (in person, direct conversation in phone or mail) with full sense of independence in all behavior and presentation.

Company Branding and Enhancement

  • Understand and recognize the significant phrase “Quality Services” that we render to the client, which is why we are distinct from our competitor.
  • Emphasis on and achieve actual “Quality Services” to the client that truly differentiate N. R. Doshi & Partners as a brand where most of them fails.
  • Demonstrate passion of “Quality Services” and how we stand out from the competitor, which is why we thrive in the present scenario.
  • Aim to benchmark with the team to accomplish the company’s mission, vision and values.

Client Management

  • Develop skill of strong client relationship management.
  • Ensuring high quality deliverables as per client expectations and satisfaction.
  • Develop strategic thinking about client needs by understanding their business and key risks factors.
  • Delivering strong support and guidance to clients on a constant basis.
  • Proactive participation in the development of ways to meet client needs, contributes to proposal delivery. Identifying ways to maximize the strong relationship with clients and deliver added value.
  • Addresses situation before arising of crises and develop solutions to avoid recurrence.
  • Inspection/scrutiny need to be ensured if existing client not turning up.
  • Ensure responding to the clients within 24 hours in reference to their email or telephonic queries.
  • Effective and timely communication with the partner for all ongoing job-related issues.

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