Director of Structural

Al Kuwait, Kuwait
Competitive salary
29 Sep 2020
23 Nov 2020
Job role
Finance director
Experience level
Pace has an opportunity for an ambitious and highly motivated Director of Structural with a proven track record of high quality delivery and client service mind-set. We are looking for a professional with a background in the architecture, engineering and construction (“AEC”) industry who can direct our ever-changing construction and design needs. To lead the company’s Structural Engineering Department and all its projects from initiation to closure, ensuring adherence to deadlines, budgets, quality requirements and contract obligations in order to fulfil client requirements. You will be responsible for evaluating our existing practices and processes, advising the CEO and the Pace Leadership Team (“PLT”) on in the development of long-term strategic objectives for the Structural Department, and adopt appropriate measures to optimize costs and increase profitability the and best ways to move forward with innovation, creativity, quality, cost-effectiveness and competitive advantages in mind.

This leadership role assumes the overall vision responsibility of working with stakeholders within the firm to oversee the planning, strategizing and deployment of a healthy cultural and technology driven Digital Transformation.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

· In alignment with the CEO’s Mission and Vision requirements and initiatives, support the CEO with strategic planning to ensure the firm is well-positioned for growth in CoE and Structural function by providing technical advice, counsel, and decisions; analysing information and applications.

· Support and drive forward the ‘People First’ mandate within Pace’s Vision and Mission. Where required to amend and implement the strategic goals of the mandate.

· Partner with the PLT and operations to create and implement a flexible growth strategy that identifies current gap areas and develops plans to acquire, grow, and develop internal team talent to meet current and future needs.

· Incorporate a BIM strategy into the functional capabilities of the team

· Ensure compliance with company policies, procedures and standards, applicable laws and regulations; monitor all section staff and ensure their compliance with the same

· Understand owner/client requirements as reflected in TORs/RFPs issued by owners/clients; attend pre-tender meetings as and when required in order to gain clarifications on owner/client requirements

· Provide the Proposals Department inputs (e.g. man month requirements, design cost estimates etc.) regarding the contribution of the Structural section to projects

· Support other Department Leaders in the evaluation of proposals submitted by sub-consultants during RFPs issued by PACE; recommend sub-consultants for structural design services based on owner/client requirements

· Establish internal project milestones and timeframes to guide all projects, ensuring that structural designs are completed within the allocated timeframe and assigned budget; supervise section staff to ensure their adherence to the same at all times and assist them in meeting project milestones (as and when required)

· Work with clients, architects, and engineers to review drawings, BIM and specifications of projects, propose means and methods of construction, recommend cost savings or potential problems on the project

· Inspire structural engineers to adopt innovative approaches to the design of structural systems and components

· Monitor and ensure that structural engineers are coordinating effectively with the various architects and engineers throughout the project (planning, concept, preliminary, final etc.)

· Inspire innovative approaches to designing structural solutions that support owner/client design requirements

· Supervise and approve the development of structural designs from concept to completion; ensure the following:

· Designs effectively respond to client/owner requirements (e.g. designs based on owner/clients budget etc.)

· Drawings comply with local statutory requirements for structural components and systems

· Drawings are fully functional, making adequate provisions for the designs developed by the other disciplines (e.g. architecture, HVAC etc.)

· Exercise quality control of drawings produced by the section, ensuring that they adhere to quality and CAD and BIM standards (e.g. high standards of visual presentation, error free, properly dimensioned, x-referenced etc.)

· Remain abreast on changes in local statutory requirements regarding structural systems and components

· Ensure that structural components and materials specified for structural designs are relevant and comply with statutory requirements; ensure that the specifications document is updated to reflect any changing statutory requirements

· Ensure that ministerial approvals for structural designs are gained in a timely manner by Structural engineers

· Assist on site structural engineers by responding to technical queries which they raise; assist site staff in verifying sample materials submitted by contractors (as and when required) to ensure compliance against ministerial requirements and specifications

· Attend site meetings (e.g. progress meetings, coordination and specially called meetings etc.) as and when required