Group Tax Accountant

Sunninghill, South Africa
Competitive salary
18 Aug 2020
21 Sep 2020
Job role
Accountant, Tax
Experience level
Qualified accountant

To ensure compliance in income tax &VAT and PAYE


1. Income Tax: year-end compliance and reporting year-end process

a) Providing clear concise and accurate tax packs on time.
b) Reducing the amount of queries by auditors and the turnaround time of the packs to and from the auditors, directly impacting the overruns charged by the auditors.
c)Timely escalation of significant issues encountered during the year end process to management Income tax compliance of inter alia, MDD South Africa and MDD Africa specific entities.
d) Provisional tax and income tax returns to be completed on time (ITR14 and Africa submissions)
e) The management of queries relating to income tax returns in a timely and efficient manner.
f) Liaising with professional service firms.
g) Managing the booking of any prior year over / under provision on a timely basis.
h) Timely escalation of significant issues encountered from an income tax compliance perspective to management.
i) Facilitation of refunds for long outstanding payments due from Revenue Authorities.
j) Penalties and interest resulting from underpayments / noncompliance should be significantly decreased and kept to a minimum.

2. Income Tax: Monthly computations

a) The management of tax comps, recons, tax schedules and reconciliation of withholding tax certificates on a timely basis.
b) Simplified wear & tear calculations (country specific) resulting in accuracy and reduced queries from consultants.

3. Tax Deregistration of companies

a) Assist with the deregistration of companies within the MDD Division.

4. Reconciliation of Statement of Account

a) Work closely with Revenue Authorities & the chains to "clean-up" all the statement of accounts.
b) If there are any queries, follow up with the relevant parties to investigate further. Request for all the supporting documentation & the
write a letter to Revenue Authorities to clear up all the outstanding queries.
c) Ensure that all submissions to Revenue Authorities have been saved on the Massmart network. Therefore, if Revenue Authorities
requests for this information we have records (ensure proper record keeping)

5. Tax Clearance Certificates

a) Manage the tax clearance application process by following up any issues with Tax Authority where the tax clearance certificate was
declined due to issues on the PAYE, income Tax or VAT account.
b) Liaise with MDD finance/ legal staff to provide additional supporting documents where required.
c) Submit letters to Tax Authority to waive penalties for late payments & adjusted audit amounts due to in advertent errors
d) Continuous follow-up to ensure that applications receiving the required priority & attention from Tax Authority.

6. Engagement Process

a) Manage the engagement letter review process with external advisors to ensure there is no breach from a TPI perspective.
b) Management of the fees charged by external advisors to ensure they are reasonable and in line with fees agreed.
c) Managing the payment of external providers for timely payments.
d) Being responsive, connected and insightful with the business units that I interact with. Striving towards a 24-hour response on emails directed to myself.
e) Timely, clear and complete response to queries raised from a MDD perspective.
f) Striving to be proactive as opposed to reactive to tax matters I am responsible for.
g) Attendance and contribution to Tax steering committee meetings of, inter alia, MDD Africa.

7.Adhoc Projects

a) Assist with management of the Fixed Asset Project across the divisions within the group.
b) Assist in the Robotics project where required to facilitate the implementation of Robotics in finance team (e.g. detailed walk through).
c) Attendance and contribution to tax steering committee meetings of MDD Africa


Minimum Academic, Professional Qualifications & Experience required for this position


- Bachelor of Commerce Degree (specializing in Accounting)
- CA (SA)


- 3 years Tax

Competencies & Skills

-  Use Appropriate Judgment
-  Demonstrates thoughtfulness in decision-making
-  Models company culture in everyday behaviour.
-  Creates an environment of trust and collaboration.
-  Makes tough calls under pressure.
-  Communicates a clear vision and strategy for the business.
-  Attention to detail
-  Deadline driven