Business Analyst (CSM)

Partners in Performance
Denver, Colorado, United States
Competitive salary
16 Sep 2020
17 Sep 2020
Job role
Business analyst, CFO
Partners in Performance is a global management consulting firm with a focus on human performance and working alongside client partners to make change happen. We've got offices in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Africa, North and South America, the Middle East, Russia and the UK and Europe but prefer to spend as little time in them as possible. Instead, we work closely with our clients to deliver the big, rapid, sustainable results you hardly ever achieve by sitting in a boardroom.

IF ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS USE YOUR DEGREE, KEEP WALKING: free professional development program that could also include a new career.

Is calling our recruitment process "free professional development" a bit bold? Perhaps, but that's how some candidates describe it. And not just the ones we decide to hire, and who decide to work for us. Whether your journey ends with a role at Partners in Performance or not, you'll finish the process having been challenged, stretched, and with a lot more knowledge of your strengths and potential than when you started. And you'll be supported with feedback each step of the way.

It's a rigorous process and one that will expose you to PiPers at several levels of the organisation. While that's a big investment for a company, it's one of the best we ever make. Our people give us our edge, so we put everything into finding the right ones for the role. Like this one:

Business Analyst

We promise this role will be the fastest way there is to learn which part of your degree was a waste of time. As a Partners in Performance Business Analyst, you'll take what you learned in your Bachelor's, Master's or PhD (preferably in an Engineering discipline) to solve real problems and give your team the analysis it needs to turn client problems into big, rapid, sustainable results.

Starting on the ground floor doesn't mean staying in the building, either. PiP is famous for its boots-on-the-ground approach. So, you can expect to walk and work alongside our clients and spend more time on the front line than researching online. Whether it's process improvement, supply chain optimization or back office transformation, you'll help turn recommendations into results for your clients.

The nuts and bolts

We're looking for Business Analysts in across North America. You'll need to be a US or Canadian citizen or have open work authorization in these locations to apply. We already mentioned the degree. Our starting point is a distinction average. A proven ability to work alongside all sorts of people will pay off, just like your teachers always told you. Working with analytics is like breathing to us, so Excel and general mathematical ability are important. And we love interesting people, so please include your community, sporting and volunteering experience in your CV.

We treasure diversity of all kinds and have done since we opened for business more than 24 years ago.

We treasure diversity of all kinds and have done since we opened for business more than 24 years ago.