Police Auditor

Washington State Patrol
Olympia, Washington, United States
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16 Sep 2020
17 Sep 2020
Job role
The City of Olympia is soliciting a qualified auditor to review specified investigations within the Olympia Police Department (OPD). The Police Auditor is selected and retained by the City Council. The General Government Committee of the City Council is responsible for leading the recruitment and hiring process for a Police Auditor. They will make a final recommendation to the full Council for approval. The regular meeting of the General Government committee is scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of the month. It is comprised of three Council members who address topics related to: public safety, general city policy, advisory committees, and community relation topics. The deadline for this RFQ is 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, Tuesday, September 22, 2020 . Earlier responses are welcome. A.BACKGROUND Olympia Police Department The Olympia Police Department provides professional, innovative, and progressive criminal justice services to the Olympia community. OPD is comprised of two divisions - Operations and Administrative Services. The Office of the Chief oversees the entire department and is responsible for the Department's Professional Standards Program. The Department also runs the Olympia City Jail, a 28-bed facility, and administers contracts with the Lewis County and Yakima County Jails for additional bed space. A Crisis Response Unit (CRU) program and Familiar Faces program were created within the last two years. The CRU delivers non-enforcement response to individuals experiencing crisis while the Familiar Faces program provides peer navigators to work with the community's highest users of services to seek out non-enforcement solutions. OPD employs 110 individuals which is made up of 76 Commissioned personnel, 13 Corrections Officers, and 21 civilians. In 2019, OPD reported 50,595 calls for service, 3,007 arrest, and 1,218 bookings in Olympia's Municipal Jail. In the most recent Office of Professional Standards Report information is provided on internal investigations, findings, and corrective actions. Police Auditor On September 20, 2002 City Council approved Ordinance No. 6220 which added a new Chapter (2.38) to the Olympia Municipal Code - Police Auditor. The stated purpose of the Police Auditor is to "provide an independent review and audit of investigations of complaints about the Police Department and/or its employees" in order to increase public trust and confidence in the professional accountability systems of the Police Department. The City Council retained their first Police Auditor, in compliance with the Ordinance, on January 28, 2003. A Police Auditor was in place every year until 2009. Due to the great recession, the funding was cut starting in 2010. During the 2020 budget process, the Council appropriated funds to reinstate a Police Auditor. Examples of Duties / Knowledge & Skills B. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Police Auditor will be responsible for the following: Reviewing police professional standards investigations relating to complaints about the Police Department or its employees to determine if the investigations meet the standard of being complete, thorough, objective, and fair. Reviewing all complaints about police employees that allege the use of excessive or unnecessary force, civil rights violations, or bias. Review of all reported uses of force within the department as defined in Olympia Police Department General Order 1.3 . Providing an impartial review of the Police Department's internal investigative process and verification of the Department's compliance with established policy and procedures. Filing a mid-year and annual report with the City Council, with a copy to the City Manager which lists the complaint type, whether additional investigation was requested, the response, and a finding on each complaint case audited indicating whether the investigation met established standards or failed to meet established standards. Each report shall give an analysis of key trends and patterns, and recommendations for revisions. Minimum qualifications & Requirements C. APPLICANT SELECTION CRITERIA: City staff will evaluate qualifications and develop a list of qualified applicants. Applicants may be invited to appear for interviews (as deemed necessary by the General Government Committee). The Committee will make a final recommendation to the full Council for approval based on qualifications, demonstrated competence, and technical response to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ). When the final recommendation is approved, the successful Police Auditor will be invited to enter into contract negotiations with the CITY. The City of Olympia will evaluate the statement of qualifications based on the following criteria: A history of exemplary personal and professional conduct and integrity; The ability to establish a broad base of credibility in the community; A law degree or an advanced degree in a relevant social science; Knowledge of and experience with contemporary investigative techniques; Knowledge of labor law as applied to public safety employees; Excellent written and oral communication skills; and Familiarity with and the ability to use basic social science statistical analysis techniques. All applicants submitting qualifications will be notified of the City's selection. Please do not contact the City of Olympia for status on the selection process during the selection period. Supplemental information D. CONTRACT: The selected applicant will be required to enter into a professional services agreement with the City. The City of Olympia's Professional Service Agreement (PSA), Exhibit B will be the contract document for these services. All applicants are advised that when applicable, the Equal Benefits Compliance Declaration Form will be used on this project. These contracts are subject to certification of equal benefits provided to all employees. If the City and the selected applicant are unable to agree on the terms and conditions of the contract, the City will terminate negotiations and the next best qualified applicant will be contacted for contract negotiation. The City reserves the right to award the contract in whole or in part, if deemed in the City's best interests. E. RFQ SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: RFQ SUBMITTAL LENGTH RFQ submittal shall be limited to a total of twelve (12) pages (excluding cover letter, City of Olympia Equal Benefits Compliance Declaration, Exhibit A ). PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN THE SEQUENCE LISTED BELOW: Cover Letter The cover letter shall be addressed to: Debbie Sullivan, Assistant City Manager - Strategic Initiatives City of Olympia 601 Fourth Avenue E Olympia, WA 98501 The cover letter should demonstrate a clear understanding of the requirements related to the submission and summarize the applicant's qualifications and relevant experience. The letter should be signed by someone with the legal authority to enter into an agreement with the City of Olympia. Prior Experience Demonstrate the applicant's prior experience providing police auditor services. Include examples of trend analysis and recommendations for revisions to process, policy, procedures, or training. References Provide a list of at least (3) three references for similar services. Please include agency name, name of reference, title, and contact information. Approach Describe the applicant's plan for approaching the project including planning and implementation based on the duties and responsibilities outlined in this RFQ. Also include hourly rate(s) to complete the duties and responsibilities. Other Provide any other information you deem appropriate and useful in assisting the General Government Committee selection. Include confirmation of compliance with the City of Olympia Equal Benefits ordinance (see Equal Benefits Compliance Declaration attached as Exhibit A to this RFQ ). F. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Applicants assume the risk of any delay in email. Any statement of qualifications received after the designated time will not be considered. Any errors discovered after RFQ submission deadline must remain and cannot be adjusted. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to assure that they have received the most current RFQ. It shall be the responsibility of each applicant to call to the attention of the City any apparent discrepancy in the RFQ or any question of interpretation. Failure to do so constitutes acceptance as written. The proposal, as presented, must remain valid for a period of ninety (90) days from proposal due date. The City reserves the right to request clarification of information submitted, and to request additional information from any applicant. The City reserves the right to revise or amend the RFQ prior to the proposal due date by written addenda to all applicants. The successful applicant will be asked to sign a Contract with the City; the City will not sign any company's service agreement, contract or any other form of agreement . The City does reserve the right to extract certain language from a company's agreement and incorporate it into the City contract, if agreeable to both parties. The contract resulting from acceptance of a submittal by the City shall be in a form supplied by the City and shall reflect the specifications in this RFQ. The insurance certificate required, as detailed herein, shall be submitted upon notification of award. All statement of qualifications submitted to the City of Olympia become the property of the City and are public record and subject to public disclosure upon request. The successful applicant must comply with all Federal, State, and City of Olympia statues and codes as may be applicable to the scope of work detailed herein, including all labor laws. The City shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by any applicant in preparing, submitting, or presenting its response to the RFQ. Washington State Law and Venue : Any resulting contracts, (if any) shall be construed under the laws of the State of Washington. All claims, actions, proceedings, and lawsuits brought in connection with, arising out of, related to, or seeking enforcement of resulting contracts shall be brought in Thurston County, Washington. All applicants shall obtain and shall produce, upon request, a license to do business in the City of Olympia prior to executing their contract with the City. G. INSTRUCTIONS: The deadline for submission of proposal is 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, Tuesday, September 22, 2020 . Proposals shall be submitted to the City by email to the RFQ Coordinator at dsulliva@ci.olympia.wa.us . The proposal must be in Word or PDF format. No faxed or mailed submittals will be accepted. For questions about this RFQ, please contact the RFQ Coordinator via email at dsulliva@ci.olympia.wa.us . Questions via telephone will not be accepted. All questions to this proposal must be received by Monday, September 14, 2020 at 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Questions received after this date may not be answered.