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16 Oct 2020
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The Finance Manager (FM) is the lead finance business partner for the organisation and has responsibilities covering all aspects of financial management, performance management, financial accounting, budgeting and corporate reporting. He/She reports to the Financial Controller. He/She must have sound technical as well as management skills and be able to lead a team consisting of finance professionals with varied, in-depth or niche technical knowledge and abilities. He/She consolidates their work and ensuring its quality and accuracy, especially for reporting purposes.

The FM is expected to provide sound financial advice and counsel (on working capital, financing or the financial position of the business) to the Financial Controller as well as the organisation's senior management and leadership team by synthesising internal and external data and studying the economic environment. He/She often has a key role in implementing best practices in order to identify and manage all financial and business risks and to meet the organisation's desired business and fiscal goals. He/She is expected to have a firm grasp of economic/business trends and to implement work improvement projects that are geared towards quality, compliance and efficiency in finance.
  • Support the organisation as a business partner
    • Advise management on the organisation's exposure to risks and the involvement of financial institutions, money market instruments and treasury management functions where applicable
    • Analyse and assess the impact of investment decisions on the financial position of the organisation
    • Analyse current market trends and provide strategic input to shape the organisation's key financial decisions
    • Analyse, compile and present management information for managerial decision making
    • Apply appropriate appraisal techniques and consideration for taxation, inflation and risk in investment decisions
    • Review the valuation of business and financial assets using different models
  • Manage the organisation's financial accounting and corporate reporting functions
    • Analyse the financial performance and position of the organisation and develop suitable accounting policies to meet reporting requirements
    • Apply professional judgement to identify accounting treatments adopted in financial statements and assess their suitability and acceptability
    • Appraise the financial performance and position of entities
    • Calculate accounting ratios relating to profitability, liquidity, efficiency and position
    • Develop accounting policies that meet reporting requirements and align with business models
    • Evaluate the various valuation models used by standard setters
    • Manage a documented system of accounting policies and procedures
    • Monitor changes and emerging trends in accounting standards and regulation
    • Provide financial leadership and strategic thinking to support sustainable value-creation
    • Supervise and review the preparation of consolidated financial statements, business activity reports and forecasts for management and external stakeholders
  • Manage taxation-related functions within the organisation
    • Articulate to management all relevant tax issues to minimise the organisation's tax liabilities
    • Assess the chargeable gains and losses of the organisation, as well as capital gain tax liabilities
    • Ensure there is a common understanding of the need for ethical and professional approaches in dealing with tax-related issues
    • Resolve tax-related issues with external tax experts
    • Supervise the calculation of taxable income and income tax liabilities of the organisation
  • Manage strategic planning initiatives
    • Determine and apply marginal and absorption standard costing concepts to calculate costs variances and profit variances
    • Identify and calculate both financial and non-financial performance measurements for reporting on the organisation's performance
    • Identify and understand the financing needs of the organisation
    • Interpret, investigate and report to management on variances, as well as develop a full understanding of the inter-relationships between variances
    • Oversee the preparation of the organisation's budget
  • Support internal and external audit activities
    • Implement policies and procedures with emphasis on internal controls to prevent possible fraud and errors
    • Plan and coordinate the annual financial audit process
    • Resolve issues and deficiencies arising from audit findings
    • Respond to internal and external auditors on audit data, variances and audit findings

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