Consulting CFO/CEO/COO

CEO Solutions Partners
16 Jul 2019
19 Jul 2019
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Full time
CEO Solutions Partners is looking for individuals who have been highly successful providing C–Level solutions for a number of years (e.g. CMOs, CFO, COOs, CIOs); individuals who are highly skilled in bringing in and retaining their own clients. The second wave of professionals we'll be adding are C–level people who have a high level of expertise...but want to be more successful in bringing in and retaining their own clients (for this group we'll provide comprehensive training, mentoring & coaching). The third wave of people we will bring on board (over the next several months) are experienced C–level people professionals who want to just work for our clients, but don't have a desire to learn better methodologies to recruit their own clients. We are also looking for other highly experienced C–Level professionals consultants throughout North America. Although each of our founding Principals have been successful at C–level consulting for many years (either individually or part of other firms), CEO Solutions Partners is a relatively new firm that we are building in North America to expand the opportunities for C–level consultants to provide solutions to clients. Right now we have 17 Professionals in North America (Honolulu, Southern California, Northern California, Phoenix, Reno Nevada, El Paso, Tulsa, Indianapolis and Chicago) and expect to be at 40 Professionals by the end of summer 2019. We have invested heavily in technology to be able to highly integrate and interconnect each of our Principles as a team, despite being geographically dispersed. We have also invested significantly in technology tools for our Professionals for their use with their clients, for essential data and document management, for marketing and advertising, etc. We also in the process of securing health care insurance options for our Principals...and we also will provide a number of other insurance options including dental, term–life, disability, E&O and other liability coverage. We are looking to build a fun and energetic firm in North America to better serve the needs of our clients. In our structure, you own your own business, and you own the full relationship with your clients...while keeping 97% of what you bill your clients. There are no buy–in fees or up–front fees. More importantly you become an integral part of a connected team of C–Suite inviduals across North America who are highly motivated and encouraged to work together in bringing in leads, finding the core problems and needs of our clients, then providing the best solutions...whether through out internal team of C–level professionals or our strategic national and regional alliance partners.