General Cashier

Retaj Hotels and Hospitality
Doha, Qatar
Competitive salary
23 Apr 2019
20 Jun 2019
Job role
Main Responsibilities

  • Keeping the given cash house bank in his custody and to reimburse it regularly.

  • Responsible of keeping and maintaining the main general cashier safe with all keys and related safe password.

  • Physical counting of all cash received from the hotel operation like front office dropping safe, accounts receivable etc...

  • Issuing cash receipt vouchers for all incoming cash and sign the receipts.

  • Preparing of daily general cashier summery report to show all received amounts and all bank deposits amounts as well in order to verify the balance of safe at the end of each day.

  • To make a daily self-inventory for the safe and compare the cash in transit balance in the daily general cashier summery with the actual inventory and report to the chief accountant immediately in case of variances.

  • Receiving and verifying of all previous day cash deposited by outlet cashiers and front office cashiers from the hotel operation at morning on daily biases as following:

  • To take a witness with him every day during opening the front office cashier dropping safe.

  • To physical count with the witness the number of found envelopes in the dropping safe.

  • To open the cashiers remittance envelopes with the witness.

  • To physical count the amounts inside the envelope with the witness.

  • After physical counting, both of him and the witness must sign in the envelope to verify the found amounts.

  • To record all found amounts in the witness sheet and sign with the witness.

  • To compare the cash register for every cashier received from the night auditor with the actual remitted amount and prepare the cash and over report accordingly with the witness signature.

  • To register the total received amounts in the daily general cashier summery report.

  • To deposit the received amounts into the hotel bank account

  • Redeems, complies and checks all petty cash disbursements after receive it from the accounts payable.

  • To deposit Cash, Checks and foreign exchange into the hotel bank account.

  • To prepare a statement of dishonored checks and pass it to the income auditor and accounts receivable.

  • Payment of the cash staff salaries and wages, to fill in an envelope and distribute them after getting their signature and he has to make sure that the employee has an ID number and matching with HR records.

  • To prepare a list by unclaimed wages and salaries and deposit the balance on the bank after getting the approval of chief accountant.

  • To maintain all house bank "cash stock" given to all cashiers and make the reimbursement to them if necessary.

  • To have always a small change of currency needed for him and for all cashiers to keep the operation in a proper way.