Audit Manager

New York
24 May 2019
30 May 2019
Job role
Contract type
Full time
Duties: Develop and review audit testing programs for various business areas. Plan fiduciary complex and non–complex audits. Prepare detailed analytical reports regarding audit findings to be reviewed and discussed with management and business stakeholders in preparation of the audit report including assessing audit findings to note audit issues and exceptions based on audit test results. Perform and lead internal audits, regulatory assignments, and audit and regulatory issue validation (Matters Requiring Attention or MRAs) including ensuring that all testing and documentation address the scope of the review and ensuring that the testing and documentation performed by the audit team meet audit documentation standards. Document audit test results. Communicate audit issues to management, obtain corrective action plans from the businesses audited, review the action plans for appropriateness and sustainability, and communicate approval of action plans to management and business stakeholders. Identify opportunities for improvement in the design and effectiveness of key controls and communicate those issues to the business being audited. Coach interns and junior staff. Conduct annual risk assessments and determine the frequency and criticality of additional audits based on the risks identified through the annual assessments. Identify risks and evaluate, test, and report on the adequacy and effectiveness of risk management controls. Compare business risks against regulatory requirements to ensure that all regulatory requirements are addressed and raise concerns or issues with the business. This position requires domestic/international travel 20%.

Minimum education and experience required: This position requires a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or related field of study plus four (4) years of experience in the position offered or four (4) years of experience an Auditor, Control Officer, Compliance Officer and Risk Officer, or related occupation. The employer will accept pre– or post–Bachelor's degree experience.

Skills Required: This position requires four (4) years of experience with: internal auditing; risk analysis and controls assessment techniques; planning audits; leading and documenting process walk through; developing audit test programs; testing; identifying issues and documenting audit test results; preparing and reviewing detailed reports of audit findings; meeting with stakeholders to review audit results; creating corrective plans for audit issues that incorporate control issue remediation; validating internal and regulatory issues; and leading and performing audit and regulatory assignments. This position requires three (3) years of experience with: wealth management products and business practices focused on managing client investments and providing advisory services; data privacy products and services; management oversight, governance, and reporting; funds transfers; auditing complex and high risk fiduciary areas such as life insurance trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, not for profit trusts, international trusts, real estate, closely held companies, estate administration, safekeeping and custody of assets, or retirement plan services; fiduciary support such as fiduciary risk governance; credit products such as mortgages or securities based lending; deposit products such as certificate of deposits; applying and testing regulations such as 12 CFR 9 – Fiduciary Activities of National Banks or conflict of interest; private banking; wealth management and associated products; and internal control systems within large global bank institutions with high risk products and highly regulated financial institutions. This position requires: certification as a Fiduciary Investment Risk Specialist (CFIRS) or an auditor certification or equivalent certification for example a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Domestic/international travel 20%. The employer will accept pre– or post– Bachelor's degree experience. Audit Manager