Price Analyst

Jizan, Saudi Arabia
27 Mar 2019
26 May 2019
Job role
An administration position to provide clerical support to the supply management department in term of analyzing prices for bidders, preparing and maintaining appropriate excel sheets for bidding purposes, provide the required prices and quotation periodical analysis.
Preparing contractors’ correspondences, transactions, maintaining of proper filling system, typing office letters related to contracts.
Reports functionally to SAPL contracts supervisor, supply management and directly to line/section manager, contracting section.
Provides support to the supply management department in all contractual matters. interfaces with client personnel from client’s and end users’ departments, project managers and occasionally client’s senior management in supporting legal and contractual positions and negotiates directly with senior bidding personnel.

Job Responsibilities:
Prepare pricing list/excel sheets for bidding process based on bidder’s quotations.
Develops and analyzes bidder’s quotations in term of price for each item quoted and provide summary of each bidder’s item prices.
Treat rounding errors in excel sheet on prices.
Prepare bidders quotation in excel sheets with contractor’s best price on quantities listing.
Prepare contractors’ contractual correspondences for potential bidders.
Attend Bid Opening of RFP Document.
Maintain proper filling system for Bidders quotations.