Credit Officor

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
18 Mar 2019
17 May 2019
Job role
Responsible for the review and follow up on accounts receivables in the station in accordance to ARAMEX financial policies and procedures. Directly coordinates with the station manager.

Major Duties and Responsibilities
• Responsible for the review and follow up on the status of aged accounts’ receivable.
• Responsible for the reconciliation of customers’ accounts.
• Approves credit terms for new customers after conducting proper check of their credit worthiness.
• Ensures that each customer account is given specific credit terms in accordance with ARAMEX Financial Policies.
• Supervises the work of collectors in the station and direct them to visit specific customers on a daily basis.
• Identifies customers defaulting on their payment terms and ensures that appropriate action is being taken in accordance with ARAMEX Financial Policies.
• Follows up with lawyers on collection of bad debts.
• Conducts a weekly meeting with each team and agrees on a collection plan including a specific list of customers to be visited by the team.
• Follows up with each team on the agreed collection plan and customers to be visited every week.
• Maintains details of collection per team and reports the same to the station manager, in comparison to a collection budget, on daily basis.
• Sends quarterly reports to the Finance Team on the status of aged receivables.
• Responsible for appraising the collector’s performance.
• Ensures data entry for customers’ receipts.
• Maintains a list of customers defaulting on payment terms and another list for customers of bad debits (Blacklisted customers).