Finance Coordinator, Jordan and Iraq

Lutheran World Federation
Amman, Jordan
14 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019
Job role
Purpose of the position

The Finance Coordinator assumes overall responsibility for managing all aspects of the financial and accountancy activities of the LWF World Service Jordan and Iraq country program. She/He ensures that accounting systems are maintained to provide the information required for planning and monitoring and reporting for program operations, for safeguarding assets, discharging liabilities and legal responsibilities.
Her/His direct supervisor is the Country Representative for Jordan and Iraq and she/he shall take technical advice from the World Service Global Finance Coordinator in Geneva.
The Finance Coordinator will supervise the country program finance teams in Jordan and Iraq.

Main duties:
1. Supervise and coach national finance staff and other staff as requested by the Representative; ensure that each member of the finance team has a clear job description and receives regular feedback on performance. Pursue active capacity building of the finance staff.

2. Supervise the preparation of all mandatory monthly and yearly accounts as well as the monthly finance and management reports for the Representative and the head office in Geneva. Ensure that accounting policies are properly and consistently applied and submit accounts in accordance with the deadlines in the LWF World Service Finance Manual. Supervise the preparation of separate financial reports for funding agencies in accordance with the terms of the contracts.

3. Supervise the preparation of cash flow projections in accordance with procedures, and manage the cash flow of the country program in order to ensure that sufficient funds are always available. Where required, submit requests for installments of funds from funding agencies in a timely manner, ensuring a reliable cash flow for the program.

4. Be responsible for overall control of expenditure against budget for all projects. Provide to program staff regular and accurate financial reports and analysis to ensure timely and cost-effective project management and decision-making.

5. Assist in the preparation and verify the accuracy of budgets for all project proposals, Project Documents for Geneva-channeled (Basket-funded) projects with Related Agencies, ACT appeals for emergencies, bilateral applications to institutional donors and any other projects.

6. Ensure the compliance with the LWF World Service Operations Manual, including procedures for electronic data storage, backups and security.

7. Provide feedback to LWF World Service head office in Geneva on practical problems in ensuring compliance with LWF Finance, Procurement and Operations Manuals and provide suggestions for improvements/revisions.

8. Liaise at the appropriate level with banks, tax authorities and other financial institutions.

9. Monitor the payment of salaries and allowances for the local staff; ensure the timely payment of taxes, insurance and benefits. Ensure the maintenance of accurate payroll records.

10. Ensure that all staff settles advances in line with established policy and procedures and that all accounts are settled at the time of termination of service.

11. Act as contact with auditors on accounting matters and, in consultation with the Representative, make available to them all records required. Ensure that internal controls are properly in place, including regular visits to project offices. Ensure proper follow up is given to the management letters of the auditors and prepare an action plan to ensure identified gaps are properly addressed.

12. Work with administrative staff and the Representative to ensure smooth office operations and cost savings where possible.

Major Challenge:
Assure highest standards of financial management and accountability of the Jordan and Iraq country program in line with LWF World Service and donor policies and international standards.