Area Finance /HR admin Assistant -Azraq Camp

Zarqa, Jordan
13 Mar 2019
13 Mar 2019
Job role
Finance :

Responsible for the base safe and all operations related to money
• Deal with transfers and exchanges of money
• Update the manual cash book
• Manage the petty cash
• Follow up on the cash flow
• Track of cash accounts
• Prepare all aspects of accounts payable and Insure payments and expenses matching with the budget lines

- In coordination with field teams, schedule the collection of weekly attendance sheets and worker agreements

- Cross check all IBV documentation and ensure that all follow ACTED compliance procedures

- Prepare weekly payment sheets and pre-count each IBV payment to be made

- Schedule, set up, and execute Monthly payments of IBV at the sites

- Maintain IBV database with the database Assistant

- Ensure that the safe has enough cash and denominations for each payment in conjunction with the finance assistant at the base.

- Assist the finance/admin officer in preparing payment vouchers and keeping the cash book up to date

- Deal with projects IBVs on a regular basis to ensure proper payment of field workers is done with dully supportive documentation (attendance sheets, signatures of the beneficiary and site supervisor etc)

- Check that no supportive documentation or signature are missing before releasing any payment.

- Check the Safe & Accountancy at the end of each day and ensure that the balance matches with the Cash .

- At the end of each month, check that the balance in the safe and the bank accounts are in line with the cash and bank books, release the cash checking statement and bank reconciliation with the area coordinator

- Check vouchers quality on a regular basis

- Check Cashbook & SAGA before closing the accountancy for the month

- Ensure all advances are cleared for the staff, before paying the salary

- Completing Cash request procedures in coordination with Logistics and Program in the base and report to the Country Office.

- Make Sure to Follow ACTED policy for Finance Filling and Archiving .

1. Attendance sheets:
• Monitoring attendance sheets of staff on daily basis.
• At the end of each month, all attendance sheets should be checked and approved by line managers.
• At the end of every month, the HR Assistant is responsible to all bases attendance sheets and leaves attached.
• Supporting the project team with monitoring attendance sheets of CFW on daily basis.

2. Leaves:
• making sure HR has always enough copies of Leave request form as hard copies.
• making sure all leaves are complete, signed, and checked with attendance sheets. (Leaves should be submitted to HR department 48 hours prior to the date of the leave requested)
• updating leaves FU table (adding 1.75 on the 1st day of every month to all staff).
• adding the number of day’s staff takes on weekly basis on the table.
• add the TOIL calculated to the staff leave balance every month.
• send the updated leaves’ table to all managers at the beginning of each month .
• update the leave FU for the managers every two weeks, and share it with the teams.

3. TOIL and Overtime:
• Making sure HR has always enough copies of TOIL and OT forms as hard copies.
• Making sure all documents of TOIL and OT are filled correctly and signed.
• Calculate all OT and TOIL on the 16th of every month

4. Preparing new staff:
Whenever Acted has a new staff on duty, the HR Assistant is responsible to:
• Let him read and sign his contract, and explain any question about it.
• make an attendance sheet for him, highlighting the starting date on it.
• Issue him/her Acted ID, and health Insurance card (plus medical form and health insurance booklet). (If not ready yet, should follow up to get them ASAP).
• Provide stationary pack for newly arrived staff.
• Give him/her an induction about Acted in general, and about HR procedures in particular.
• Introduce him/her to all Acted staff and managers.

• Printing the interview records and Cv's to prepare it for the interview.
• Call the candidates to set the interviews appointment.
• Shared the interviews schedule with the HR Officer and with the line Manager.
• Inform the nominated candidates with the joining date and asking him to collect all the required documents.
• Sending or calling to inform them by the interview result (apologize by phone or sending regret letter).

• Filing as requested
• Print and scan of documents
• Prepare Notes/Agenda/Planning schedules
• Arrangement of meetings (Meeting room/ensuring participants are on time/providing stationeries for the meeting if needed…)