Chief Financial officer - Multidivision Company - Oman

Muscat, Oman
21 Jan 2019
21 Jan 2019
Job role
Overall control and operations of the Finance function of The Group so that all statutory compliance procedures are adhered to.

Enhance Group values in the Job Holder’s functional area by providing guidance and monitoring operations whenever necessary.

Performs duties within the context of established policies and procedures of The Group Companies and is fully accountable to the Shareholders for the effective functioning of the Finance function for the Group.

As Chief Finance Officer of The Group Companies, which is a critical position in the Group, the Job Holder has the following important functions to execute:

a) Ensure that The Group Companies complies with all the regulations of the statutory bodies under which it operates, as far as it concerns the financial function.
b) Ensure at all times the Group’s borrowing rates from Banks and other financial institutes are at prime and competitive rates.
c) Facilitate and manage the processes of group level mergers, acquisitions and re-structuring locally and abroad.
d) Ensure the effective management of the Assets and Liabilities portfolio of the Group.
e) Maintain and develop relations with banking and other financial organizations to ensure sufficient credit lines are made available to Group operations.
f) Interact with Auditors for ensuring all regulations such as IFRS are strictly adhered to in the group.
g) Ensure a healthy relationship building with all the stakeholders of group companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures and Shareholders to optimize the overall financial situation of the group.
h) Co-ordinates with Internal Auditors to ensure proper controls are in place.

In order to do this, the Job Holder should have in-depth financial skills, as well as knowledge of important financial developments, and of the regulations of statutory bodies in so far as they affect the Group.

The Job Holder should possess the ability to understand the significance of changes in financial regulations and ensure that the Group reacts appropriately.

Comes in contact with senior level functionaries in other companies and organizations, should therefore possess the ability to get along with people and build relationships. Should possess good team building skills and be able to control the work of his subordinates. Consequently, leadership skills are an essential ingredient of the position.

The Job Holder should effectively manage his time and should be able to resolve all routine and complex problems on his own. The only cases where he refers to the Reporting Officer would be in areas of financial policy. Here too, his recommendation would carry weight when the final decision is taken.