School Finance Manager

Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
13 Jan 2019
13 Jan 2019
Job role
Finance manager
Public sector
Job Purpose
1. The School Finance Manager is the school’s leading support staff professional andworks as part of the Senior Team to assist the Head Teacher in his/her duty toensure that the school meets its educational aims.
2. The School Finance Manager is responsible for providing professional leadership andmanagement of school support staff in partnership with teaching staff, to enhancetheir effectiveness in order to achieve improved standards of learning and
achievement in the school.
3. The School Finance Manager promotes the highest standards of business ethos
within the administrative function of the school and strategically ensures the
most effective use of resources in support of the school’s learning objectives.
4. The School Finance Manager is responsible for the Financial ResourceManagement/Administration Management/Management Information and
ICT/Human Resource Management/Facility & Property Management/ Health &Safety Management of the School.

General Duties

1. Attend Senior Management/Leadership Team, full Governing Body and appropriateGovernors’ sub-committee meetings
2. Negotiate and influence strategic decision making within the school’s
Senior Management/Leadership Team
3. In the absence of the Head Teacher, take delegated responsibility for Financial
and other decisions
4. Plan and manage change in accordance with the school development/strategic plan.
5. To lead and manage all school support staff
Financial Resource Management
1. Evaluate information and consult with the Senior Team and Governors to prepare
a realistic and balanced budget for school activity
2. Submit the proposed budget to the Head Teacher and Governors for approvaland assist the overall financial planning process
3. Discuss, negotiate and agree the final budget
4. Use the agreed budget to actively monitor and control performance to achieve valuefor money
5. Identify and inform the Head Teacher and Governors of the causes of
significant variance and take prompt corrective action
6. Propose revisions to the budget if necessary, in response to significant or unforeseendevelopments
7. Provide ongoing budgetary information to relevant people
8. Advise the Head Teacher and Governors if fraudulent activities are suspectedor uncovered
9. Maintain a strategic financial plan that will indicate the trends and requirements
of the school development plan and will forecast future year budgets
10. Identify additional finance required to fund the school’s proposed activities
11.Seek and make use of specialist financial expertise
12. Maximise income through lettings and other activities
13.Select types of investments which are appropriate for the school, taking account
of risks, views of stakeholders and identify possible and suitable providers in
order to maximise return.
14. Present timely and fully costed proposals, recommendations or bids
15. Put formal finance agreements in place with suitable providers for agreed amounts,at agreed times and appropriate agreed costs and repayment schedules
16. Monitor the effectiveness and implementation of agreements.
17. Knowledge of how to operate an adequate ERP for Schools and has gone through the process of changing a system before in his career.