client accountant

24 Dec 2018
24 Dec 2018
Job role
Your job will be the Organizing and monitoring of clients accounts, the tasks will include:

Issuing customer invoices, ensuring that the invoices are delivered to customers, and reviewing sales and returned invoices.

Prepare invoices for data processing and ensure that collections alignment with contractual agreements, law and finance policies and procedures.

Developing and updating client information: responsible for reviewing the files of customer accounts to ensure accuracy and completeness and arranging the accounting files so that they are easily accessible when necessary.

Follow up on the collection's process: Monitoring and checking the accounts of customers and tracking the rights of the company with regards to third parties (trade receivables) and work to settle the collection of payment in a timely manner. As well as the submission of periodic reports to those concerned.

Resolve complex collection issues and establish good relations with accounts to settle outstanding balances. Apply and follow up regarding review credit limits for both new and existing accounts with the head of accounting.

Monthly closings and preparation of monthly financial statements, including examining customer balances and working to settle any differences in accounts, if any, and responding to inquiries and review statements from clients

Maintain developers and customers’ files, contracts, invoices and relevant documentation.

Respond to inquiries and follow up on potential credit risk accounts regarding overdue invoices and billing problems