Segment Lead, Global, FCC CDD Continuous Assurance

22 Oct 2018
25 Oct 2018
Contract type
Full time
The role is responsible for executing and supporting the CDD Continuous Assurance programme under the Continuous Assurance arm of the FCC Assurance function in the development and implementation of an industry-standard CDD CA, including management and coordination of workflows focused on continuous testing of core first line CDD related controls and processes relating to customer onboarding and due diligence, thereby meeting regulatory and compliance stakeholder expectations. The broad roles and responsibilities are:

  • Support relevant stakeholders to make decisions based on current and future policies, practices, and trends, as informed by CA results.
  • Keep track of and provide advice to relevant stakeholders on the interpretation and application of regulatory expectations, laws, best practices and FCC policies.
  • When required, meet with the regulators/Monitor(s) and meet deadlines set by specific inquiries.

  • Responsible for executing testing of core CDD processes in order to provide assurance to risk control owners and regulators that the CDD control environment is operating at a satisfactory level of effectiveness.
  • Perform duties of Senior Reviewer/Manager as per CDD CA programme and at the direction of the Head of CA.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of SC's customer on boarding program in identifying, measuring, and documenting customer risk.
  • Undertake a root cause analysis of issues identified and monitor completion of corrective actions and timely follow-up of actions by process owners
  • Assist in maintaining and updating CA policies, procedures, and program infrastructure.
  • Assist in driving best practices and administering training to the CA team.
  • Propose control improvements, enhancements and/or highlight opportunities for increased efficiency, where appropriate.

Risk Management
  • Ensure a thorough understanding of the risk and control environment in area of responsibility.
  • Understand end user functionality of CDD systems and relevant case management systems.
  • Identify, assess, monitor, control and mitigate risks to the firm.

  • Support development of FCC CA DOIs.
  • Collaborate with Operational Risk counterparts to ensure residual risk ratings accurately reflect AML/Sanctions/ABC risks identified through Control Sample Testing (CSTs).
  • Independently draft CA reporting and submit to CA Manager for review.
  • Track significant CDD related concerns arising from FCC metrics, Assurance activities, audit reviews and regulatory inspections.
  • Deliver 'effective governance'; challenge fellow executives effectively; and work with any local regulators in an open and cooperative manner.
  • Attend relevant stakeholder, working group, and program governance meetings.

Our Ideal Candidate
  • Accountability, Scope and Leadership
  • The role draws from extensive experience in interpreting customer risk for the product segments relevant to the firm to inform CA testing and reporting strategy.
  • Role is required to have a strong conceptual understanding of the activities undertaken across Financial Crime Compliance.
  • Delivers on key objectives by translating complexities between CA/operational process, product, and/or regulatory requirements into a cogent, workable solution.
  • Strong work orientation, works independently, takes accountability for decisions, actions and outcomes. Proactive and takes initiative
  • Actively collaborates within and across teams
  • Agile and receptive to change. Positive and solutions oriented
  • Is able to articulate the specific business products or support services and describe the processes and controls that underpin them, along with the key risk points
  • Demonstrates strong understanding of Compliance regulations, industry best practices, knowledge of global procedures and policies, with deep subject matter expertise in one or more AML, Sanctions, CDD. Adept in understanding and able to coach downstream impact of risk
  • Awareness and understanding of the regulatory framework in which the firm operates, and the regulatory requirements and expectations relevant to the role
  • 5-7 years of Experience in a large multinational financial institution, consulting firm or law firm, in AML, CDD, Sanctions, and/or relevant Bank Operations.
  • 3-5 years Assurance/Audit or related experience (i.e. Compliance testing) in a large multinational financial institution.
  • CAMS certification preferred.

Problem Solving, Complexity and Influence
  • The ability to interpret complex information and determine the research and analysis required to extract facts that can be objectively supported.
  • A strong investigative mind-set where critical thinking is applied, exemplified by a number of attributes - professional scepticism, a meticulous and consistent approach to research and analytics, and the ability to thoroughly articulate a defence for conclusions reached.
  • Demonstrates confidence to defend decisions while maintaining effective working relationships. Able to build respect with 2nd line partners through contribution of Assurance assessments to the function. Adept in engagement with regulators.
  • Communicates clearly and concisely (written and verbal); demonstrates engaged listening skills; Clearly influences outcomes.
  • Possess the capacity to assess conclusions reached by colleagues and form risk based judgements as to the underlying issues impacting the controls tested.

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