Finance Officer

Amman, Jordan
09 Oct 2018
17 Dec 2018

Purpose and Scope of Assignment
BORDA requires a Finance Officer (FO) to oversee and manage all BORDA operations and programme financial needs, including leading implementation of BORDA operational and financial management strategies and systems in both the BORDA office in Amman and regional offices.

• Petty Cash Management;
 keeping the Petty Cash as well as maintaining petty cash at the set limit ensuring no cash shortage at all times.
 Prepare the petty cash upload spreadsheet to upload stage ready for review by head of finance and administration before submission
 Daily updating of the petty cash log and weekly or monthly reconciliation or as requested by the HOFA.

• Payroll and Bank Transactions;
 Carryout banking transactions e.g. deposit and withdrawal etc.
 Ensure that all cash received is duly receipted, coded and promptly banked
 Assist in preparation of bank reconciliation statement on a monthly basis
 Prepare the monthly payroll for all staff members with due regard to appropriate attendance of staff members' for salaries/benefits processing.
 Income tax and social security calculations performed as required.
 Data entries of all payments are presented in the approved Accounting software on a daily basis.
 Update and implement the proper application of monthly exchange rate.

• Other Duties;
 Implementing relevant financial policies, procedures, and practices
 In close cooperation with the BORDA operations team (administration, HR, transport, etc.), ensure financial transparency, clear accountability, and implementation of best practice is implemented.
 Assist staff in submitting travel requests and travel claims.
 Report to supervisor on any aspects of financial management that requires improvement or identified to have gaps.
 Maintain oversight of all financial deadlines such as rental agreements, utility bills, funding agreements and any other payments as required.
 Monitor timely corrective actions on un-posted vouchers, including the advance funds to vendors and suppliers, unapproved vouchers and timely response and follow up.
 Maintain the proper filing system for project finance records and documents, to make sure easy access to the documents when required.
 Review procurement and bid evaluation panels as required.
 Maintain and file document templates as required according to BORDA procedures.

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