Marketing and Communication Manager (OMANI NATIONALS ONLY)

Oman (OM)
08 Oct 2018
17 Dec 2018
Job Purpose

The Marketing and communications Manager manages all branding and marketing related activities as well as manage communications and trade marketing activities to support The Company international partners and clients covering all sales channels. He does effective negotiations with agencies, operators and Hypermarket/Supermarket outlets located in Oman. He prepares annual plans and budgets, broken down to monthly targets. He will develop relationship building measures with the trade so that he interacts well with people of diverse background and cultures at professional and managerial levels.

Job Description

• Maintain an event calendar for all channels / product-wise
a. Modern Trade
b. Mobile Shops
c. Traditional Trade
d. Retail Channel
e. Special events/roadshows for Partners
• Monitoring and documenting market products and offers/campaigns (Competitor surveillance, benchmarks, prices) across all product segments
• Supporting channels and merchants with sales material (eg. USPs, comparison charts, etc.)
• Discussing and developing/defining marketing/trade activities for channels
• Tracking impact of activities (somewhat covered)
• Conduct/manage market surveys/visits (if possible)
• Ensure that the Marketing Department ads value and profitability to the Company operations
• Build a strong relationship with partners and support them with ideas and activities to support their annual objectives
• Budget control on all marketing spends and promotional budgets
• Prepare and manage execution of business proposals (Eg. Branding, promotions, etc.)
• Keep all documentation in order and ensure that all process comply with the audit processes

Education and Experience
• BsC, MsC, MBA or similar professional qualification
• 5+ Years of communication, PR, & marketing experience
• Telecom/FMCG experience is required