Business Development Manager

Kingston and St. Andrew
27 Sep 2018
27 Oct 2018
Job role
CORE FUNCTIONS Business Analytics and Reporting: Critically evaluate information from multiple sources and produce output of high quality to drive insights towards final  analysis Determine, implement, and evaluate business metrics to meet ongoing understanding of business line, market, new trends and any other organizational or client information needs With the assistance of the Marketing team, provide client and product insights and analytics to help drive marketing strategies and increase the market share of the Company Ensure all research is designed and analysed in such a way that it is easily translated into usable insight by a non-technical audience Track, analyze, and evaluate business performance Work to integrate customer, market and competitor led insights into the overall  strategic thinking of the business Establish a history of working with tools that monitor the performance of products in the marketplace and having the ability to understand information to help develop product positioning and market strategy Be accountable and responsible for delivering customer and operations analysis Prepare first draft of quarterly Board of Directors Report for review and sign off by the CEO, JMMBMTL Attend the Board Meetings to report on areas of responsibility or general Company performance, as the need arises Leadership Skills Have the desire to drive change in an environmentally sustainable way, and the motivation to proactively seize marketplace opportunity Commit to change management and the development of others with the drive for continuous improvement Exhibit proven ability to work without authority in cross-functional teams, with internal clients and key stakeholders Provides Relief for the CEO, JMMBMTL Strategic Agility Plays a lead role in the preparation of annual strategic and business plans Work cross- functionally throughout the business to drive data led decision making Keep fully abreast with knowledge of the full range of the remittance market and the services being offered by the competition, which will enable prompt matching of their potential benefits with the current and perceived needs of existing and new Agents International Partner and Sub-agent Network Management Be conversant with and well achieved in a practical proficiency of the “Know Your Customer” or “Customer Acquisition Due Diligence” requirement of the Anti-Money Laundering policies and according to legislations and/or regulations Ensure that the Client Partnership 2x5x7 principles are adhered to at all times Be conversant with the Operating Directions for Remittance Companies Guidance Manual published by the Bank of Jamaica Perform site visits of prospective and existing Sub- agents and in-line stores of international partners Visit the offices of international partners with a view to understanding the Send markets and collaborate with them to develop promotion strategies to increase the Company's market share MAIN DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Identify key business challenges; develop insights and recommendations to address them Maintain up to date knowledge of the full range of products, services and pricing structure of the remittance companies and seeks every opportunity to market same by matching their potential benefits with the current and perceived needs of existing and new customers. Maintain a list of an agreed minimum number of prospective Sub-Agents as determined by the Chief Executive Officer, JMMBMTL (i.e. potential new customers). Assist with the delivery of product and remittance based presentations to existing and prospective international partners, as agreed with the Chief Executive Officer, JMMBMTL. Develop and execute promotional strategies with the assistant of the Chief Executive Officer, JMMBMTL, which will increase the likelihood of increasing future sales of the Company's products and services. Liaise with international partners in order to determine marketing and business development needs to drive market share Visit  Sub-agents locations periodically in order to ensure that the JMMB Money Transfer brand remains top of mind for remittance recipients Be conversant with and be able to provide current quotes on fees or price sensitive products offered by JMMBMTL. Be able to analyze opportunities for business growth and performance enhancement (pricing, strategic alliances, efficiency opportunities etc.) and present same to the CEO, JMMBMTL for review and feedback Adhere to company and statutory policies, procedures and guidelines. EDUCATION, TRAINING & WORK EXPERIENCE REQUIRED : Minimum Educational Requirements: (a) Specific Knowledge (however acquired) Required to Start: Highly computer literate; expertise in use of Microsoft Office suite Proficient in use of VBA programming language and modelling of data Knowledge of SQL databases would be an asset Good knowledge of laws, government and policies relating to the remittance sector A good awareness of the local and relevant regional anti-money laundering acts/draft legislation Able to communicate at all levels _________________________________________________________________________ (b)  Qualifications & Experience Tertiary level education, with a  Master of Business Administration in Banking, Finance, Management or Business Administration Minimum of four (4) years working experience in a management capacity  (c)   Required Skills and Specialized Techniques: Professional negotiating skills Assertiveness/outgoing Good communication skills both oral and written The management of meetings, preparation of Board Report and report writing Decision-making/problem solving skills General Leadership Skills PC operating skills Researching skills