Inventory Controller

26 Sep 2018
26 Nov 2018

Duties & Responsibilities included but not limited to: 

Will be responsible for managing all inventory control related activities.
Execute inventory control measures to ensure the company minimizes stock holding and maximizes stock system and paperwork accuracy.
The role carries responsibility for working with purchasing, goods inwards and dispatch to ensure necessary functions are carried out correctly the job role may include other reasonable duties/tasks from time to time.

Inventory Control

Develop the company's inventory management strategy with the aim of controlling costs within budgetary limits, generating savings, rationalizing inventory and maximizing available working capital. Manage and maintain the company's material and stocked product inventory including stock profiles and stock locations
Manage and control perpetual inventory stock counting / inventory accuracy checks , Minimize overstocks and removal of obsolete / redundant raw materials to maximize availability of working capital
Ensure that goods inward / stock control department is well organized and controlled to sufficiently support production and the goals of the business. Ensure incoming product is receipted and managed appropriately according to company procedure.
Ensure materials are ready and available for operations as and when required. Ensure that any materials that are late or holding up operations for whatever reason are chased and followed up until received.
Ensure sub contract processes are received back and that suppliers are chased to ensure no late delivery situation. Provide routine management information on inventory performance i. Monitor and evaluate consumables usage & costs ii. Monitor & evaluate material utilization and scrap.
Implement improvement processes and systems to reduce inventory, minimize costs and maximize working capital, Write and maintain accurate written procedures for all main inventory control processes and functions.
Conducts weekly cycle counts of inventory materials based upon computer-monitored suggested re-order listing; assists in conducting complete physical inventory count annually. Be responsible for managing and running planned stock takes.
Organizes and maintains warehouse and inventory yard areas for efficient material storage and handling; maintains labeling system on each stock item; manually stocks inventory shelving with stock items received or returned.
Check and adjust shop floor data, Ensure works orders are correct and fully completed and that all stock has been allocated to the job correctly.
Tightly monitor nonmoving items and initiate for the disposal of dead stock. Minimax planning, Categorization of inventory (ABC) to closely monitor and control inventory to avoid unnecessary delays and avoiding revenue loss.
Monitory inventory item creation and to closely monitor redundant item creation
Ensure integrity and accuracy of the stock management system, Produce daily reports to ensure key critical areas of the stock system are controlled and any discrepancies addressed and resolved.
Manage control measures to ensure mistakes, inaccuracies and discrepancies are highlighted, addressed and resolved.
Achieve a minimum of 99% inventory record accuracy
Any other job assigned from time to time.

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