Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
26 Sep 2018
26 Nov 2018

The Internal Auditor shall be responsible for the following tasks:

• Documentation of operational processes. Perform initial and follow up surveys/ interviews with the auditee's key officers and employees concerning business operational processes;
• Participate in opening meeting(s) with auditee;
• Assist in the preparation of audit plans and programs. Execute audit activities based on approved audit plans & work programs;
• Report progress of assigned audit activities to Principal Internal Auditor;
• Prepare draft of audit findings based on assigned audit activities, including non-compliance, relevant risks and audit recommendations for internal controls/processes improvement;
• Participate in audit exit meeting with the auditee;
• Participate in the discussion of the final draft of audit report with the Principal Internal Auditor prior to issuance to the auditee for comment;
• Assist in reviewing the comments prepared by auditee;
• Prepare the Arabic translation of the final audit report;
• To review with the Head of Internal Audit the translated audit report;
• Organization and safekeeping of audit working papers related to assigned audit tasks;
• Assist the Audit Team in the translation of reviewed Arabic documents to English such as contracts, office memorandum, correspondence etc;
• Conduct pre-audit activities for petty cash reimbursements/liquidations
• Perform other relevant audit tasks as per instruction received from Head of Internal Audit / Principal Internal Auditor.