Finance Manager

02 Sep 2018
02 Nov 2018
Job role
Finance manager

 Overall in-charge of the Finance department and responsible for cost Management, Fund management, proper payment, Salary Reviewing and management reports.
 Monitoring & interpreting cash flow & predicting future trends.
 Developing Financial Management Mechanism that minimizes Financial risk
 Preparing monthly profit and loss statement and Submitting to management
 Establish Procedure for Custody & Control of Assets
 Evaluate financial reporting systems, accounting and make recommendations for changes to procedure, budget and other financial control system.
 Coordinate risk and money insurance programs of exchange to control risks & losses.
 Assist in preparation of Budget on annual basis and monitor the performance on regular basis.
 Coordinate with Ops and provide fund in timely and effective manner so that funds are utilized properly.
 Supervise the fund movements between different banks.
 Conduct analysis of late funding and improper utilization wherever applicable.
 Prepare Statements/Monthly reports to management in timely manner.
 Conduct analysis of any delay reports
 Collect all details such as Overtime, ticket, Cash shortage, advance for processing salary.
 Run and review the Salary Reports
 Receive requirements for WPS payment and provide cash requirements.
 Ensure timely processing of WPS payments
 Confirming the amount to WPS in case of refund to customers.
 Monitor the Kuwaiti Dinar & Foreign Exchange limits are maintained in the branches in Coordination with Ops Manager.
 Ensure payment to Supplier's in timely and correct manner
 Conduct analysis of late and wrong payment
 Receive invoices from the respective departments
 Verify the invoices with respect to Delivery order/ Purchase Order