Senior Accounts Receivable

10 Aug 2018
10 Oct 2018
The general purpose of the job is to provide financial, clerical and administrative services to ensure efficient, timely and accurate payment of accounts as well as preserving AR records for the organization.

Primary Tasks and Responsibilities

 \[ Follow up on collections.

 \[ Maintain up to date necessary system and files.

 \[ Create new or update approved customers' accounts on the system.

 \[ Investigate historical data for existing and new clients.

 \[ Review and analyze client accounts to ensure outstanding balances are in compliance with terms.

 \[ Ensure proper communication with clients through continuous site visits, phone, email, etc.

 \[ Visit customers to confirm their balances and investigate reconciling items.

 \[ Prepare needed periodic reports and metrics (monthly, quarterly & yearly).

 \[ Monitor customer accounts for non-payments, delayed payments or other irregularities.

 \[ Resolve payment discrepancies along with developing a recovery system.

 \[ Continuous review of AR aging to ensure compliance and conduct the needed analysis.

 \[ Conduct needed analysis to offer recommendation on risk mitigation and doubtful clients.

 \[ Assist in managing late, watch list, doubtful, bad customers, and legal cases.

 \[ Conform with established procedures and policies for daily activities.

 \[ Provide support to the Senior Credit Controller.

 \[ Set and update the approved credit limits on the system.

 \[ Ensure the proper implementation of the commercial policy.

 \[ Receive and review customers' financial claims.