Financial Analyst

Mezrah Consulting
22 Jun 2018
12 Jul 2018
Contract type
Full time
Job Description

Reports To: Director, Case Design

Position Description: Provide product and illustration support in the initial design and re–evaluation of non–qualified executive benefit plans, corporate owned life insurance (COLI) and bank owned life insurance (BOLI).


?? Perform due diligence on carrier and product selection.

?? Maintain contemporary knowledge of accounting and legal issues and their impact on existing and future business.

?? Generate illustrations for proposed plan, including mortality–adjusted studies.

?? Illustrate and analyze alternative funding methods to support plan's objective.

?? Compare and contrast illustrations for competitiveness and ability to meet long–term objectives.

?? Generate illustrations for existing plans and review to determine funding adequacy.

?? Design insurance, accounting, and benefit illustrations.

?? Develop graphics and assist with text for proposed plan.

?? Maintain library for product disks and sample presentations.

?? Maintain industry files and carrier materials.

?? Provide computer and software support for Executive Benefits Department.

?? Maintain workflow management report for cases in progress.

?? Coordinate with Underwriting and Case Administration Departments on the proposed plan of insurance, purpose,

and ongoing administration.

?? Participate as a team member in special projects.

?? Participate in industry meetings for the purpose of continuing education and/or obtaining industry designations.



Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Finance, Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences, or related field.


?? Excellent interpersonal skills.

?? Strong Excel skills which includes use of macros, Excel automation (e.g. VLOOKUP), and financial calculations

(i.e. NVP, PV, IRR, ROI).

?? Strong verbal and written communication skills.

?? Ability to work autonomously and perform well under pressure.

?? Strong attention to detail with ability to organize, prioritize, and manage multiple tasks within set deadlines.

?? Strong financial analysis skills and ability to conceptualize.

?? Intermediate to advanced knowledge of marketing concepts and insurance and financial products.

?? Ability to develop advanced working knowledge of life insurance illustration systems.

?? Ability to master presentation and desktop packages.

?? Ability to understand complex tax and legal concepts and issues and their impact on sales.

?? Strong decision–making skills.

?? Ability to deal with sensitive and confidential data.