Manager - Audit

INR 25k-35k
19 Mar 2018
30 Apr 2018
Job role
Contract type
Full time

Efficiently leads a team of 15+ members during internal audit, through proper delegation of work and establishing suitable strategies for time bound error-free reporting.

Direct reporting to Managing Consultant & Branch-in-charge, occasionally to Client company management, with prior permission.

Obtains sufficient and appropriate audit evidence, addressing the relevant audit objectives and demonstrates how it relates to the rest of the audit, in order to demonstrate knowledge of basic auditing skills.

Documents the results of their audit work, including design and implementation of controls through proper delegation, in accordance with the requirements of the firm's Audit Methodology and where applicable, regulatory requirements, using applicable IT systems and tools.

Identifies audit differences and issues and escalates as appropriate.

Demonstrates knowledge of prevailing accounting standards as well as accounting disclosure requirements by applying knowledge to allocated work.

Complies with all confidentiality policies of own firm and applicable regulatory authorities.

Applies knowledge of current issues in audit, accounting, financial reporting standards, regulatory requirements and industry specific concerns to client engagements, identifies where they may impact a client and reflects these in the audit documentation.

Establishes the key audit objectives with appropriate Risk of Significant Misstatement by planning the engagement, identifying the significant accounts, the significant risks and the significant fraud risks, in conjunction with the Manager.

Begins to assess the sufficiency and appropriateness of evidence and conclusions reached on an audit by reviewing the working papers of junior staff and begins to participate in the evaluation of issues raised with the manager and partner.

Identifies and drafts issues for reporting in the management letter and other communications with management