Regional Controller & Director of Accounting

Infinite Commerce
Guangzhou, China
Competitive salary
14 Jun 2024
13 Jul 2024
Job role
Finance director
Experience level
Infinite Commerce is a leading provider of consumer products for online marketplaces - including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Michaels, Kohl's, and others. Driven by a passion for excellence, a love for what we do, and a mission to "bring joy to families everywhere by developing quality products and brands," we offer a diverse portfolio of products that transform houses to homes, make life easier, and celebrate the big and little moments in life.

Our data-driven approach and next gen tools allows us to continually expand and refresh our catalog while setting us apart from our competitors.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our core values of Ownership, Frugality, Curiosity, Flexibility, Mutual Respect, and Outcomes. With a diverse team spanning twenty plus countries, our culture fosters openness and collaboration, making Infinite Commerce an exceptional place to work and grow.

We are looking for a talented Director of Finance to join Infinite Commerce's high-impact Finance organization. The Finance team plays an integral role in managing both short and long-term growth plans, ensuring the allocation of resources to strategic initiatives, and providing guidance and support to the rest of the organization to accelerate growth and deliver superior financial outcomes. This person will lead a team of talented individuals and should be comfortable rolling up their sleeves to grow and support the Corporate finance function. This role oversees FP&A, corporate finance, long term and short-term forecasting and planning, board management, investor relations, along with strategic insights, M&A, and finance analytics.

Job Responsibilities 岗位职责:
  • Lead the accounting team in all aspects of US and APAC accounting operations for the multiple subsidiaries of Juvo Plus (APAC & US), including accounts payable, cash management, inter-company activities, audit coordination/management, taxes, monthly closes, etc. / 领导会计团队负责Juvo Plus(APAC和美国)多个子公司的美国和亚太地区的所有会计运营,包括应付账款,现金管理,公司间活动,审计协调/管理,税收,月度结账等.
  • Manage and lead the month-end, quarter-end, and year-end close processes, ensuring compliance with US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Chinese Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). / 维护两套账簿:中国法定账簿和美国通用会计准则账簿.管理和领导月末,季末和年末结账流程,确保符合美国通用会计准则(GAAP)和中国通用会计准则(GAAP)的要求.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, tax laws, and US/APAC financials reporting standards, liaising with legal counsel, external auditors and tax advisors as necessary. / 确保符合监管要求,税法和美国/亚太地区的财务报告标准,必要时与法律顾问,外部审计师和税务顾问保持联系.
  • Be responsible for reviewing and ensuring all business contracts comply with local regulations and the Company's legal governance; closely partner with US Legal. / 负责审查并确保所有业务合同符合当地法规和公司的法律管理;与美国法务部门密切合作.
  • Develop and implement financial policies, procedures, and internal controls to safeguard company assets and maintain financial integrity. / 制定并实施财务政策,程序和内部控制,以保障公司资产安全和维护财务诚信.
  • Manage cash flow, liquidity, and banking relationships to optimize working capital and financial stability. / 管理现金流,流动性和银行关系,优化营运资本和财务稳定性.
  • Review and establish the company's treasury and financial management process and consistently seek opportunities to improve efficiency and achieve cost savings. / 审查并建立公司的资金管理和财务管理流程,并不断寻求提高效率和实现成本节约的机会.
  • Perform inventory payments aging analysis on the weekly/monthly/quarterly basis and coordinate with Supply Chain Planning based on the results of periodic cash flow planning to avoid any negative cash outflow issues from happening. / 每周/每月/每季度进行库存支付老化分析,并根据定期现金流规划的结果与供应链规划进行协调,以避免出现负面的现金流出问题.
  • Prepare tax calculations, such as monthly VAT tax filings, annual income tax filing and transfer tax review, and liaise with tax consultants and Tax Bureau. / 准备税务计算,如月度增值税申报,年度所得税申报和转让税审查,并与税务顾问和税务局保持联系.
  • Perform the APAC annual Transfer tax review with the local tax advisors and US tax advisors to ensure the calculation basis is in line with the US team's expectations. / 与当地税务顾问和美国税务顾问一起进行亚太地区年度转让税审查,以确保计算基础符合美国团队的期望.
  • Monitor key performance indicators and financial metrics to assess performance and make strategic recommendations. / 监控关键业绩指标和财务指标,评估绩效并提出战略建议.
  • Control various costs and expenses of the company based on sales revenue through comprehensive budget, and reduce operational control risks through whole process monitoring of the company's business; / 根据销售收入通过全面预算控制公司的各项成本和费用,并通过对公司业务的整个过程进行监控,降低运营控制风险;
  • Coordinate the annual budgeting and planning process, working closely with department heads to establish financial goals and objectives. / 协调年度预算和规划过程,与部门负责人密切合作,确立财务目标和目标.
  • Provide leadership and direction to the accounting team, including supervision, mentorship, and professional development. / 为会计团队提供领导和指导,包括监督,指导和职业发展.
  • Stay abreast of chances in accounting standards, regulations, and industry best practices, and ensure timely implementation of updates and changes. / 及时了解会计准则,法规和行业最佳实践的变化,并确保及时实施更新和变更.
  • Key finance employee for the China operations. Provide finance support for various ad hoc projects. / 作为中国业务的核心财务员工.为各种临时项目提供财务支持.
Qualifications: 任职要求:
  • Bachelor's degree in financial accounting / 财务会计学士学位
  • 10-12 years of accounting experience, including at least 5 years of exporting finance experience, highly advantageous if from an E-commerce or Distribution business environment / 10-12年会计经验,其中至少5年出口金融经验,如果来自电子商务或分销业务环境则更有优势
  • Strong knowledge of US GAAP standards and ability to apply them in practice / 对美国通用会计准则标准有较深的了解,并能够将其应用于实践
  • Strong English skills is required / 要求英语能力强
  • Experience working with inventory management systems / 具有与库存管理系统工作的经验
  • Experience with various payment and accounting software including: DingDing and QuickBooks / 具有使用各种支付和会计软件的经验,包括:钉钉和QuickBooks
  • Intermediate accountant qualification certificate, CPA qualification is preferred / 中级会计师资格证书,优先考虑具备注册会计师资格
  • Multi-tasker, flexible and self-starter with hands on approach and problem-solving skills. / 多任务处理者,灵活并具有主动解决问题的能力.
  • Decision Making: Considers risks and consequences of decisions, considers broader business implications to decisions. / 决策能力:考虑决策的风险和后果,考虑决策对业务的更广泛影响.
  • Teamwork: Encourage teamwork and cooperation. Work in partnership with peers, with a global mindset. / 团队合作:鼓励团队合作和合作.与同事合作,具有全球意识.
  • Proven leadership ability to manage and motivate a team, focusing on continuous improvement and development. / 具有管理和激励团队的领导能力,专注于持续改进和发展.
  • Time Management: Ability to plan and prioritize to meet deadlines. / 时间管理:有能力规划和优先考虑以满足截止日期.
  • Communication: Highly effective verbal/written skills & change management. / 沟通:高效的口头/书面沟通能力和变革管理能力.
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