US Payroll Executive

Timings: 5 PM - 2 AM
Location: Giga Mall, DHA 2, Islamabad

Key Requirements:

  • Accounting graduate with fast learning capabilities of system and processes,
  • - Excellent communication skills
  • - Advanced MS excel skills.
  • - Good understanding of payroll workflow processes (Automatic Data Processing "ADP").
  • - US payroll experience will be a plus

Job Description:

  • 1. Assisting HR team with queries from various agencies regarding employment verification (filling/editing pdf forms with required info).
  • 2. Weekly review of new hires profile information to make sure associates are registered in proper location, business unit and home department.
  • 3. Maintaining weekly list of associates with leave of absence and return to work status and any pending voluntary deductions during LOA to be withheld on RTW.
  • 4. Pulling, reviewing and reporting timecard hours of hourly FTEs and temps on weekly basis and periodically as required highlighting manual punches, errors and unusual hours marked.
  • 5. Roster review to reconcile dept. codes of associates with their BU, home dept and corporate group keys and highlight any discrepancies to be discussed and corrected.
  • 6. Be able to pull Ad hoc reports related to timecard hours and roster information as requested by payroll manager using advanced excel techniques.
  • 7. Weekly coordination with HR team regarding employees' queries of the working hours, time off hours and unpaid absence.
  • 8. Periodic analysis and comparison of Reg, OT, DT and other hours per Location, Business unit and Department.
  • 9. Reviewing and reporting punch source data highlighting manual punches, timecard exceptions and supervisors’ notes on weekly basis.
  • 10. Reporting weekly location wise shift changes and hours worked in different department by associates.
  • 11. Daily reporting of timecard hours and timecard exceptions to site accountants for discussion with site managers.
  • 12. Attending monthly group meetings to share important notes and updates and highlight issues encountered during the month.
  • 13. Conducting weekly payroll processing, overcoming processing errors and using ADP communication tools for problem resolution.
  • 14. Maintaining list of auto-paid employees for review during weekly payroll processing.
  • 15. Pulling weekly timecard hours of temp associates to review and report to various agencies.
  • 16. Highlighting and reporting inactive temp associates with blank timecards during weekly review of timecard hours.
  • 17. Highlighting hourly and salaried FTEs with unpaid absence and available PTO balances to be reported to HR for applicable PTO policy on weekly basis.
  • 18. Assisting accounting team with queries related to roster, time and attendance and corporate group setup of associates.
  • 19. Pulling historical data of active and terminated associates when and as required.
  • 20. Reviewing tax notices from state agencies and tracking with ADP for resolution of the notices in timely manner.
  • 21. Maintaining weekly record of EE/ER tax withholdings breakdown under company's responsibility for follow up with ADP.
  • 22. Mapping of locations, departments, earnings and deductions to assigned accounts in general ledger interface.
  • 23. To remain focused on payroll items and updates all the time and abide by zero error policy.

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