Trinidad and Tobago (TT)
Competitive salary
25 May 2023
13 Jun 2023
Job role
Responsible for overseeing the organization's compliance with company policies and IFRS. Includes coordinating with company's management to identify potential risks, implementing policies and procedures to uphold laws and regulations and monitoring the company's adherence to those policies and procedures.
* Develop and implement a compliance program to ensure the organization operates in accordance with local and other applicable legislation, group and company policies, financial reporting standards and any other applicable framework.
* Develop and implement compliance policies and compliance protocols across the organization.
* Determine compliance metrics and establish a system for tracking and reporting
* Perform compliance audits to determine whether established protocols are being followed and where they can be improved.
* Report to the Finance Director concerning the organization's compliance with accounting standards, laws, and regulations.
* Create sound internal
controls, policies, and monitor adherence to them.
* Proactively audit processes, practices, and documents to identify weaknesses., and report these to the Finance Director.
* Evaluate business activities to assess compliance risk.
* Set plans to manage a crisis or compliance violation.
* Educate
regulations, accounting, and
industry practices.
* Address employee concerns or questions on compliance.
* Keep abreast of internal
and business goals.
* Monitors the company's
progress on closure of reported
audit issues.
* Updates the audit issues tracker monthly (or as required), by liaising with functional areas across the business to understand and evaluate the corrective measures implemented.
* Identifies and flags any risks to closure of audit issues and supports the affected business function in developing and implementing remediation measures. Tracks progress to closure.
* Prepares reports as required for the Finance Director & CEO and any other party as directed
by the Finance Director.
* Collaborate
with internal and external
auditors and HR when needed.
* Coordinates submissions to auditors through liaison with the finance team management.
* Follows up on audit requests as directed
by the Finance Director.
* Identifies critical connections and patterns
in information/data.
* Soundly analyses verbal and numerical
* Seeks a wide range of sources of information.
* Identifies
gaps in information and makes assumptions to continue analysis and/or
* Carefully monitors
and checks the details, quality, and accuracy of own and others' work.
* Sets up procedures to ensure high quality of work.
* Acts to verify
information and work done.
* Demonstrates acute attention
to detail when analyzing
data from the process and takes action to ensure product quality
and minimization of waste.
* Responds appropriately, accurately, and promptly to requests for information and clarifies
non-routine matters.
* Information and messages are conveyed accurately and promptly, and content of message is structured logically.
* Adjusts the format
and language to suit the requirements of different
* Initiates
communication and keeps others informed
as necessary.
* Open to and actively
seeks out opportunities for learning and development.
* Evaluates experiences and rapidly
learns from them.
* Shares and receives feedback with openness and candor and provides coaching upward.
* Builds trust
by openly sharing
knowledge and skills with others.
* Participates in setting
goals, priorities, and work plans.
* Keep track of details to ensure work is performed
and completely.
* Demonstrates a "can do" spirit, a sense of ownership, and commitment to the work.
* Shows respect for the capabilities of others and speaks of team members in positive terms.
* Listens actively, considers people's concerns and adjusts own behavior in a helpful manner.
* Is attentive when doing projects and assignments, or when interacting with people from different
and backgrounds.
* Expresses negative feelings constructively.
* ACCA or CIA qualified with a minimum of 5 years post qualification experience.
* Proven experience as a Compliance Officer or Compliance Manager, or Internal Auditor
* Experience in risk management is a plus.
* Strong knowledge of industry protocols and best practices, as well as professional
* Must have a strong moral code and sense of ethics.
* Business acumen
* Knowledge of business processes, and the ability to document and interpret process diagrams.
* Computer
* Strong working
knowledge of Microsoft Office, including
Word, Excel, Visio, and Outlook
* Ability to clearly and concisely document findings and communicate same to stakeholders, in easily understandable
* Excellent analytical skills and ability to accurately interpret complex documents and policies.
* Independent thinker who sees beyond the surface.
* Detail oriented.
* Excellent verbal, written
and problem-solving skills.
* Ability to handle sensitive matters with tact and diplomacy.
* Strong time management
and organizational skills.
* Exceptional customer service skills and proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
* Ability to work in a team or autonomously and contribute effectively to team performance and goals.

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