Chief Accountant

  1. Be liable for debt reports, balance sheets, financial statements, tax statements, and operation reports in accordance with the law and the Firm's requirements.
  2. Conduct tax, revenue, and expenses finalisation in accordance with the law and the Firm's requirements.
  3. Prepare analytical reports for periodic revenue and expenditure estimations; give recommendations to ensure a stable financial cash flow for the Firm.
  4. Prepare reports and propose solutions related to financial & accounting issues in an effective and timely manner.
  5. Ensure the accounting books are prepared fully and accurately and the accounting/financial and tax activities of the Firm are consistent and in accordance with the law.
  6. Build up  a financial documentation storing rules for the Accounting Department on a systematic and accurate basis.
  7. Manage the Accounting Department's activities; organise, arrange work allocation for each member of the Accounting Department flexibly in each period to ensure deadline and work efficiency.
  8. Implement technical training plans and professional training sessions for all members of the Accounting Department. Other tasks assigned by the Management Board of the Firm.