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'Senator' Business Center
32/2 Moskovska Street,

About KPMG in Ukraine


Benefits of choosing KPMG in Ukraine for clients, employees and other stakeholders:

  • extensive knowledge database, experience and capabilities allow to implement small, medium and very large projects with the same efficiency;
  • innovations: our clients gain access to inexhaustible flow of new ideas and approaches;
  • KPMG Product Development Center has been established with purpose to assist our clients to improve existing business processes, minimize the likelihood of human error, and reduce costs through the introduction of advanced IT solutions;
  • effective client support in different countries, sectors and areas of specialization is especially important when entering new markets;
  • effective professional development programs for our employees ensure the provision of high-quality professional services;
  • the opportunity for employees to work in other countries expands their experience, skills and knowledge;
  • best employee incentive programs on the market allow to achieve high performance results;
  • internationally recognized social programs open up completely new opportunities when working with local communities.

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