CT: Accountants Advisers

Contact: Miss Amanda Masuku

61 Dublin Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 0131 558 5800

About CT: Accountants Advisers

This is CT, where your future starts. We know that our people are our business: they work with us, deliver for clients, and set our course. They’re everything.

That’s why we’re not just looking for graduates. We’re looking for future leaders who want to grow, thrive, and make a meaningful impact in the world. Discover how we care for and develop our people, and how you can start your journey with us.

We believe in nurturing talent from day one. When you join us, you’ll experience:

Comprehensive training: our training will equip you with the technical skills and knowledge you need to excel. You’ll receive hands-on training and mentorship from experienced professionals, in addition to your structured qualification training.

Being the focus: everyone has unique strengths and aspirations. That’s why we make you – your needs, interests and goals – the focus of your training. Whether you’re interested in audit, taxation or advisory, we’ll help you find your path.

Mentorship: You won’t be alone on your journey. Everyone here is committed to each other’s growth and will serve as mentors to guide you through your career. You’ll have regular one-on-one sessions to discuss your goals, progress, and challenges. You’ll find partners with an open door policy. You’ll work directly with senior people, on rel work, from day one.

Evolution, innovation and inspiration: accountancy is constantly evolving. We provide training and access to the latest tools and technologies. We support you in pursuing relevant certifications and higher education. And we also want to hear your interests, and how your skills can deliver for clients.

Dynamic working: we don’t mandate a certain number of days in the office. We don’t insist on presenteeism. You’re trusted to work where suits you best, as long as you deliver for clients.

Career progression: we don’t just hire graduates; we create future leaders. As you grow with us, you’ll have clear pathways for career progression, including opportunities for promotion and leadership roles within the firm.

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