CV advice

  • CV writing: think achievement and outcomes
    “It’s not what you do, it’s how well you do it”. It may be a cliché, but like most clichés, there is a strong ring of truth to it.
  • There is one thing that most people within recruitment agree on and that is that it is generally better to keep your CV short.
  • Whilst some people can write their own CV – and do it very well – there are many people who struggle to write an effective CV for a number of reasons.
  • People take a career break for many reasons. But how do you reflect this in your CV? We talk to our panel of accountancy professionals to discover their top tips.
  • It is generally not a great idea to wear other people’s shoes. However, there are exceptions. As a concept, placing yourself in the shoes of the reader is a cornerstone of good communications.
  • In writing a finance CV it is important to focus it to your target jobs and make sure you keep it brief.