Work from home effectively

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Work from home effectively

It can take some adjustment to work from home if you have been used to working in an office environment. Of course, it is great to be surrounded by your home comforts. But that can also bring distractions. Follow our tips below to help you remain focused and productive when working from home.

Find your own space

Avoid working in shared spaces like sofas or kitchen tables. Having a separate area for work helps keep discipline. If you don’t have any choice and space is shared within your household then agree on how and when these spaces are to be used for your work. Make sure rules are clearly understood by everyone.

Create a routine

Your commute may have shrunk drastically to a mere few seconds now but try to stick by established routines. Carry on with your morning washing and breakfast activities to ensure you are at work by a set time. Of course, you may not have to be up so early now! Try and keep allotted times for lunch and other breaks but do remember to take these. Breaks are important for wellbeing and productivity.

Keep deadlines

Make a list of things to do at the start of each day. Structuring these hour by hour will allow you to tick these off as they are completed. You may, of course, have deadlines given to you by clients or your company, in which case plan your days to achieve these in the most efficient time you can.

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Stay in touch

Keep your communication lines open with work using video conferencing apps or telephone. It’s easy to forget about the importance of talking when at home. Don’t fall into this trap. Share ideas, get others input – find reasons to call people. You’ll find unexpected inspiration in doing this.

Make sure you are physically comfortable

Invest in a decent office chair and desk so you have a nice straight backed posture and will be comfortable over an extended period of time. Make sure your surroundings are attractive. If you can be by a window great and having a couple of house plants can also create a sense of connection to nature.

Do not forget to reward yourself

Reward yourself for tasks completed and results you’ve attained. It’s important to keep your sense of self-worth. Have music on or the radio in the background. You can also incorporate household chores into your daily routine. You may be surprised at how complex work problems get finally solved as you are hanging out your laundry.  

Exercise and maintain a healthy diet

Eating a good breakfast will help stop snacking later on in the day. There are lots of exercises and stretches you can do at your desk to keep your mind and body fresh and active. Exercise releases endorphins that increase happiness and improve mood.  

Ultimately, do what is right for you

We are all individual and react to environmental pressures differently. So do not feel hidebound by protocol. If you find different routines or ways of working that suit you better, then do it. Be honest with yourself about what works for you and go with it.  

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