Top 5 Tips for an engaging LinkedIn Profile

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Top 5 Tips for an engaging LinkedIn Profile

1. Add a background image

LinkedIn, like all websites, is predominantly a visual experience. Including a background image gives your profile further originality and personality. You can choose something abstract or related to your role.

2. Write in first person

You are striking up a conversation with the reader – so you need to address them directly as if face-to-face. Write in short paragraphs rather than bullet points. We don’t talk in bullet points.

3. Optimise the headline and summary with keywords

These sections are weighted more heavily by the algorithms used within LinkedIn for when recruiters do key word searches. Change the default setting in the headline to reflect your target roles.

3. Make the profile visible

Adjust the ‘settings and privacy’ to make your profile more visible to users within and outside of LinkedIn. The more visible your profile, the more opportunities you create for people to connect.  

4. Ask for recommendations

Recommendations always look good in your profile. Ideally get at least two for every employment. CV secret: Using snippets of these recommendations can look great in your CV too.

5. Keep your profile up-to-date

An active job seeker should really check in to LinkedIn at least once a day. It’s also really important that your profile is up-to-date and presents a consistent story to your CV.

Lastly, please add "ACCA" as a school if you are studying, or have previously studies, with ACCA

This article is written by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers.

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