The importance of working in a sector you love

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Steve Jobs said that the only way to produce great work was by loving your job as this will lead to success in the workplace. Whether your passion is fashion, sport, retail or the environment, accountancy enables professionals to work within the heart of sectors that matter most to them.

ACCA’s Accounting for a Better World report outlines how the accountancy profession can play an essential role in transforming the world to deliver a more equitable, green and inclusive future. It identifies seven key priorities for the future of the profession, where accountancy is central to building a more prosperous global economy and business environment. 

If green issues are close to your heart, then why not look to pursue roles, companies and sectors that are serious about green and environmental issues?


Lee Owen, director at Hays Accountancy & Finance, comments: ‘Finding a sector you love – whether that is undertaking an accountancy and finance role in a firm or going in-house – will, of course, be better for your emotional and mental wellbeing.

‘Work can inevitably be stressful at times, but if you have that inner passion and drive for your field of work, it will help see you through these more challenging times.

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‘Additionally, loving the work you do helps boost productivity and enhances your overall performance. As a result, this can lead to quicker career progression and improved job satisfaction, as a by-product, making you feel more fulfilled. 

‘Finding your niche is not an easy task, so I wouldn’t be tough on yourself if you have to go through a few roles to find the best fit!’


When you love your job, you see it as a choice and something that you like to do, rather than it being a burden on your time. There will be many aspects that you genuinely look forward to and you will have a strong sense of satisfaction when you achieve your goals or widen your skillset.

It is essential to feel motivated and inspired to excel, otherwise your performance may lack passion and quality, while output may be negatively impacted.

Strong performance and healthy productivity are also the keys that allow finance professionals to become more efficient, making space to encourage a healthy work-life balance.

Author: Alex Miller, writer

This article was first published in Student Accountant in June 2022

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