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Although it may seem time consuming to research the company for every role you apply for, there are few better ways to stand out.

Not only will your application be better tailored, you will have more things to talk about at an interview – and ensure its somewhere you actually want to work.

‘Researching a company is not only a great way to ensure you are a good fit for them, but also that the organisation would be a good fit for you,’ says Chris Willsher, accountancy and finance recruitment expert at Reed. ‘It will allow you to tailor your CV and application appropriately and get an idea of the questions you might be asked.’

There are a variety of ways to find out more about a company – whether you want to learn more about its products, or are just keen on figuring out whether its culture would suit you.

A company website will not only help you find essential information about the firm’s background, values and mission in its ‘about us’ section, you may also be able to gather insights into its team members, company structure and future plans. Additionally, you will find out everything you need to know about what the company does ahead of interview.

Social media

Likewise, a company’s social media profile is a great place to find out more about its culture, tone, recent developments and connections with other organisations.

Whether it is checking who it follows on Twitter or how it comments on the latest industry developments, it will give you a good representation of how it aligns itself. You can also gauge its reputation by paying attention to its interactions with customers and clients.

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Willsher adds: ‘A good way to see if the company is a good fit for you is by looking at the ‘what’s new’ section on the business’ website or at the company’s LinkedIn page.

‘You will be able to gain a good idea of a company’s recent developments, successes and failures, and find out what it’s passionate about, and what its goals are as a company.

‘This will help you decide whether the role is right for you and if the work culture matches your own personal values.’


There are a number of online review sites that enable trainees, along with past and present employees, to share accounts of the experience they had with a company. This can provide essential information on everything from the interview process through to the company culture and employee benefits.

You might also be surprised at the things you can find out through a simple Google search of a company’s name.

You are likely to be able to ascertain whether a potential employer is planning to expand its business, whether it is looking to open new offices, plus financial information.

Author: Alex Miller, writer

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