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Some tips to help keep yourself well conditioned while working from home.

During this extended period where you are likely to be spending a considerable amount of time working and studying at home, there are a number of factors to consider in order to keep healthy.


Hundreds of studies over recent years have proved the importance of continued, regular water intake throughout the course of a day.

These studies suggest water can have a direct impact on your cognitive and mental performance, while also affecting your mood.

Keeping hydrated is also known to boost your immune system and help fight off illnesses like flu and colds. Medical experts tend to recommend six to eight glasses of water a day (two litres) to help stay healthy and productive.


When exposed to sunlight, the skin absorbs vitamin D, a critical nutrient that boosts our mood and can even prevent weight gain.

The so-called ‘sunshine vitamin’ also doesn’t discriminate based on whether you get your sunlight indoors or out.

If you’re lucky to have one, step out into the garden for a period each day. If that is not possible, stand by an open window and soak up the light – even if it is not sun is not shining.

Fresh air

Fresh air gives you more energy and a sharper mind. You may have noticed, after spending time outside, you come back indoors feeling brighter and perhaps ready to get back to work.

More oxygen results in greater brain functioning, improving your concentration skills and providing you with more energy. When you exhale and breathe out through your lungs, you release airborne toxins from your body.

As with sunlight, if it is not possible for you to get outside, open a window for periods of the day. Maybe even consider taking several fresh air breaks next to an open window.

Healthy snacks

One of the great temptations of working from home is the constant visit to the fridge or food cupboards. If it becomes a regular habit, buy healthy meals or snacks that will provide you with the necessary energy boost.

Fruit and vegetables are essential in order to stay healthy – consider making vegetable sticks with dips and hummus to add some variation.

Oatcakes and nuts are a healthier alternative to biscuits and crisps, as are muesli, healthy yoghurts and boiled eggs.

This article was originally posted in Student Accountant which you can see here

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