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How do I make my LinkedIn profile ‘pop’?

What do I do when a recruiter goes silent?

  • Understand why this might be happening. Recruiters are middlemen who answer to a higher power - their clients, your potential employers. They're very busy, don't take it personally, just continue with your job search. You should be patient, but you can also help yourself by speaking a recruiters language, convincing them that you're hot property. Ask for feedback, but don't chase or hound them. More advice: Do you believe in ghosts? What to do when recruiters go silent

How can I make myself more employable in a crisis?

  • There are several ways, including being proactive and showing initiative, upskilling, gaining work experience (volunteering, internships etc), engaging on social media and via blogs, gaining qualifications, targeting healthy sectors and tailoring your CV and cover letter closely to every job application. More advice: 7 ways to make yourself more employable in a changing world

What are digital skills and why are the so important for accountants?

What are the most in demand skills with employers?

  • These can vary from year to year, but the skills gained from the technical and professional ACCA Qualification are evergreen - they'll always be useful. This is because they provide to backbone of a professional accountant's skillset. Nevertheless, certain skills will be more sought after depending on the situation. For example, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, financial reporting, business partnering, financial analysis and cost management became highly sought after. As for soft skills, which are increasingly important to employers, accountants need to be good communicators and project managers, be capable of managing relationships with different stakeholders and technologically curious and capable. More advice: The most in-demand skills | Five essential post-pandemic skills |  | The most useful non-accounting skills

What are soft skills and how important are they?

  • Firstly, they're very important. They can be the deciding factor when an employer decides to make a job offer. Imagine you're up against people who all have ACCA and some experience. There needs to be differentiating factors and these are often soft skills. Soft skills are interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively; teamwork, ability to negotiate and influence; ability to innovate; being open-minded and inclusive; leadership and many more. More advice: Achieve ‘the perfect blend’ of soft skills | Improve your soft skills and fulfill your potential

How employable are ACCA members?

How important are ethics to accountants and job hunting?

I’m a new graduate, how do I get a job?

How do I make sure my online presence is fit for job hunting?

  • There is an element of common sense about this, or ask yourself the questions, would you want your mum to see this? Same applies to how employers view your social media and online presence, don't give them a reason to discount you. Keep it clean and respectable, even use your presence to show how proactive you are and display key qualities. More advice: Managing your online presence

What are transferrable skills and how important are they?

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