Job application strategy: Spend more time on fewer applications

content more time on fewer applications

It has never been so easy to apply for jobs. Literally, at the click of a button, you can apply for multiple roles. However, this can lead to a false impression that it is just as easy to secure an interview. Applying for lots of jobs and never hearing anything back is now commonplace, leading to a great deal of frustration on the part of applicants.

Why the scatter gun approach doesn’t work

In my job as a professional CV writer, I speak to many job seekers who are frustrated with why their CV does not appear to work. The answer to this next question invariably provides the answer “do you tailor your CV for each application?” The answer is usually a “no” or a quiet pause and then a mumbled “well I try to” (which is still obviously a no!). Having a good CV is one thing but tailoring it to each job is what really makes the difference. You need to do both.

No two jobs are the same

You may be very clear about the types of jobs you are applying for. Whether you are applying for financial controller or tax manager jobs, the individual responsibilities within these roles varies from organisation to organisation. Try a little test. Research three job descriptions for your target job title online and then read them carefully. In addition to some similarities, you will also see a great many differences between them. How can you therefore expect your CV to be fully aligned to all of them?

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Getting your CV 90% right

If you are updating or refreshing your CV without a specific role to apply for then you are effectively aiming to get the CV 90% right. All your achievements will be updated ready for the 10% refocusing that will be required when you read a job description for a role you would like to apply for. To some job seekers, tailoring a CV can seem a bind. But if spending 20 to 30 minutes adapting your CV for a job seems like too much work then you really have to ask yourself…

How much do I really want this job?

Being in a job you find fulfilling and rewarding is important. Especially when you think that you may spend 35 hours a week or more expending your energies on this. Rather than applying for 100s of jobs you know you can do using one generic CV, why not spend more time tailoring your CV for job you get really excited about? You will be much happier and more productive working for an organisation and job that you really care about. And it all starts with tailoring your CV first.

This article is written by Neville Rose, Director of CV Writers.

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