How to position yourself for a promotion

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For most of us, promotion is recognition for showing your efforts in a role.

Most companies want their staff to be satisfied and one way to show this is through a clear career plan and regular appraisals.

There are many ways to get that promotion, but there are certain key areas you can work on to push yourself up.

If you are able to prove that you can take control of projects from conception right through to completion, you are much more indispensable and more likely to be considered for a promotion.

Showing that you help colleagues and can boost the performance of an entire team rather than just focusing on your personal performance, is something leaders and management frequently look out for when considering eligible promotion candidates.

Luci Parkins, recruitment consultant – Public Practice Audit and Accountancy at Morgan McKinley, says: ‘Being a valued member of the team is always the biggest criteria, not just completing your work but a desire to fit into the culture and be a team player is essential.

 ‘It is clear to a firm early on who shows leadership skills, so proving yourself early on is a great way to map out your career path.

 ‘Within a role you should also ensure you are being rewarded fairly for your work, at Morgan McKinley we post bi-annual salary review guides, showing the average salary range for your role.’


It is essential to show that you can add value and contribute to revenue.

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Even if your role isn’t directly related to generating income, all other performance metrics can be translated into revenue generation – even if that is introducing new processes that are more efficient and can save your company money.

Likewise, keeping your cool when you are in a highly stressed environment displays leadership mentality. Remain calm when an issue arises and work to solve it, learning from mistakes along the way. If your attitude rubs off onto colleagues, that is a big plus.

One of the most effective ways of getting promoted is by earning the trust of your manager when it comes to your abilities at work. If you can reliably complete some of their tasks, allowing them to focus on other areas, you are more likely to get noticed and management will be more likely to support your case.

Likewise, expressing your desire for a particular promotion is very important – it can be that simple.

Not only will you plant the seed in their mind, but managers will often give you some guidance on what you need to do to get that promotion – leaders love seeing their team members progress.

Parkins adds: ‘It is also key to keep up to date on job titles, we have seen a big change recently from those being qualified previously called seniors, now being assistant managers.’

Author: Alex Miller, writer

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